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Re-Imagining the Future of Planet Earth

We Envision Sustainable Living through Financial Collaboration Projects

Vision of ARC7 Apartment Resource Complex

Self-Supporting, Self-Sustaining Cooperative Living Systems

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ARC7 Apartment Resource Complex

ARC7 is a plan for living and working together to make a new life for you and your family.  

At the same time that we improve our own lives, we are making the world a better place too!

We re-imagine the future of planet Earth by building co-op apartment complexes that also include a hub of co-op businesses that will extend products and services to everyone who lives there and continue doing so all the way through the many stages of life.  

By building businesses inside the apartment complex where you live, you will then be able to live, work, and go to virtual school in the same location, greatly eliminating or reducing your need for transportation.  Everything you need on a daily basis is built into the complex.  

The housing co-op expenses, including mortgage and utilities, will be paid for by the worker-owned businesses rather than by each individual.  This way we eliminate the possibility of homelessness due to loss of income or defaulting on your monthly mortgage. 

Supportive Living Systems

ARC7 is a Housing CO-OP. Residents will enjoy the benefits of financial collaboration and co-owners of the housing co-op. This Apartment Resource Complex includes seven centers. ARC7 residents will receive and provide services from the seven centers.

Residents will own and operate the seven centers as co-op businesses including a Food Production Center, a Health Center, a Learning Center, a Center for the Arts, a Recreation Center, a Business Incubator, and a Utilities Center.

ARC7 is a co-op apartment complex with room for 100 families plus an additional 200 from vulnerable populations including orphans, elderly, and disabled. All vulnerable populations are welcome and will be cared for, protected, educated, and elevated out of poverty. The total number will be proximately 500 family members and 100 vulnerable people.

Teachers, doctors, dentists, maintenance, human resources, business development consultants, lawn and pool care, health and wellness experts, child care providers, and other various support roles will be filled by the residents.


One powerful benefit of ARC7 is how easily orphans can be integrated into the plan. Rather than segregating orphans into an orphanage, ARC7 includes, protects and prepares orphans for a collaborative economic lifestyle. We do this by giving them a place live and surrounding them with healthy families who have strong financial success. We integrate them into the fabric of a supportive network. In so doing, our orphans are no longer struggling alone in poverty, but are mentored and elevated to highest well-being.

In one generation they will transform themselves from orphans into successful co-op owners. Their children will grow up in an environment of successful collaboration and cooperation. Adult orphans are welcome to continue to live in ARC7 after they reach adults adulthood. Our focus in the young adult years will be to mentor these orphans to be enterprising and to establish worker-owned businesses.

Vulnerable Populations

The ARC7 Arcology plan will integrate orphans and widows, single mothers and disabled veterans together with able-bodied laborers, successful business owners, educated specialists, and talented leaders. Inclusion and integration is the key!

Inclusion, Integration, and Equality

We do not believe in building ARC7 for one segment of the population essentially segregating them from the larger population. This would be equivalent to an orphanage, an assisted living facility, or low income housing. Instead, we intend to integrate low-income people, orphans, veterans, people with disabilities, people below poverty level, and homeless people, with able-bodied, wealthy, successful families with the intent to strengthen the local community through such integration and improve the lives of everyone involved. In the ARC7 plan we all benefit by raising the standard of living of all people together.

Organization Summary

ARC7 is a multi-organizational network reaching towards global well-being through shared leadership. The strong underlying foundation of principles allow us to not just survive but thrive! Taking advantage of the opportunity for collaboration, we believe that crisis brings us together.

We have a growing number of organizations uniting to meet the high demand for safe and affordable housing with food and water projects, medical care for treatment of malaria, COVID-19 and HIV/AIDS, effective programs for street kids, access to computer education, support for people with disabilities, women empowerment, advanced leadership training, economic development, and environmental rejuvenation.

ARC7 Onboarding Process

If you want to find out if living in an ARC7 Apartment Resource Complex is right for you, the first step is to complete the onboarding steps. Because of the complex nature of ARC7, we offer courses to learn about them. Courses are offered with a self-help / personal growth perspective to ensure that even if you don’t choose to become a live-in member you will experience transformation from the onboarding process.


Once you complete the onboarding process, you can be part of the Global Well-Being Think Tank. We are gathering professionals from all fields. You can be part of the think tank that will implement the ARC7 plan nearby and around the world. Imagine joining a think tank with other caring people who will plan, design, build, own, and operate advanced human habitats that meet the financial, educational, emotional and social needs of everyone who lives there, from birth to death.


Join Projects for Highest Well-Being and Global Well-Being

Vision for Global Well-Being

We believe that the path to highest well-being and global well-being is one and the same. Highest Well-Being is focused on individual survival and improving the quality of our lives.
Global Well-Being is focused on humanity’s survival and improving the future of our species. Can you seriously try to do one without the other?


We are gathering people for a weekly zoom meetup on Mondays at 8 am CST (chicago).
That is 2 pm in London, 4 pm in Nairobi, and 9 pm in Hong Kong, and 11 pm in Sydney.

Here is the link: Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 727 3522 1429
Passcode: 50046

Our Vision

The vision of ARC7 is to create a compassionate, bonded, conscious living and working environment where our members can thrive together in today’s competitive world. We help indigenous groups around the world to work together to build a place to live and work that will support all of its members financially. ARC7 is a place where they can build a cooperative community in the midst of today’s culture of individualistic competition.

Our ARC7 Arcology Proposal

Our proposal combines the benefits of housing co-ops, relationship building, business ownership, self-help virtual education, entrepreneurship opportunities, social entrepreneurship, spiritual ascension, youth leadership, child development, women empowerment, poverty elimination, social equality, and environmental sustainability, combined into one plan. We believe we have simplified the most complicated global issues into a easily-implemented plan that works for all locations and all types of people.

Our Objective

Our objective is to build the first prototype of ARC7 that can be duplicated nearby and around the world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to teach our members concepts of financial collaboration that will lay the foundation for building ARC7 in their local areas. By educating and certifying leaders from all walks of life we will elevate people in poverty to be successful home and business owners. We educate our members online first with our virtual onboarding program, then begin the process of planning, designing, building, owning and operating ARC7 for the rest of their lives.

Our Program

We educate local leaders to head up a local ARC7 building project.

ARC7 courses are designed to inspire our members to have compassion for others. In so doing, they will improve quality of life for themselves and create a better future for the planet. They will gather local people into financial collaboration to build ARC7. We encourage our graduates to initiate an ARC7 building project in their local areas. Graduates of our certification program have the opportunity to live, work, raise a family, and be financially supported by their participation and support of ARC7.

Our Point System

While bankers value profit at all costs, we believe that locally-controlled points support values like community, justice, sustainability, and an end to systemic poverty. Communities can regain some control over the flow of money by using the point system as a complement to conventional money. ARC7 points will not have any value to people outside the network, but points will work very well when used to trade between members.

Our Focus:

  2. BODY: Health Care
  3. MIND: Education
  4. SPIRIT: The Arts
  5. FAMILY: Relationships
  6. COMMUNITY: Business
  7. HUMANITY: Sustainabililty


Other key topics:

  • Poverty Alleviation
  • Sustainable Livelihoods
  • Sustainable Food Systems
  • Co-Owned Multi-Family Dwellings
  • Health Education
  • Creative Placemaking
  • Economic Development
  • Sustainability Standards
  • Equality Standards
  • Integration Rather than Segregation
  • Worker-Owned Co-ops
  • Veteran Partnerships
  • Mindset Transformation
  • Culture Transformation
  • Relationship Skills
  • Long-Term Relationships

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Everyone Benefits!

Life Coaches and those who want to be a life coach can be certified to offer a new and original brand of Spiritual Lifestyle Coaching and Compassion Training.

Leaders can be certified to lead support meetups in their local areas or at their workplaces to empower greater well-being that leads to greater achievement.

Employers can be certified to empower their employees to reach their highest level of productivity by creating an environment of highest well-being for them.

Single Adults can be certified to lead projects in various parts of the world, making a difference in alleviating poverty in the region. Singles can also find other singles who are trained to have the same highly evolved mindset for long-term relationships.

Parents can be certified to train their children while they are still young to grow up to be leaders who can make the world a better and better place. Parents will also be equipped to lead a club for kids in their local neighborhoods or schools, to empower children to be compassionate and strong in the face of bullying.

Teens and young adults can be certified to be leaders in support meetups their social group. The group objective is to equip young people with compassion and highest well-being. This work will prepare them to start their own families and raise the next generation to be full of compassion.

Children can be certified to be leaders in a kids club that will equip them to understand human nature. This training will help them be strong in the face of bullying and prevent them from being permanently damaged by the insensitivity of others.

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