ARC7 for Global Well-Being












“Empowering Young People
to Accelerate the Development
of Low-Income Communities”




ARC7 training equips students to start grassroots Compassion Projects that reach for world peace, a restored planet, and abundance for all.

Compassion Projects address:

1- poverty
2- disease
3- illiteracy
4- inequality
5- domestic violence
6- domination of the workplace
7- destruction of the planet

Compassion Projects stand alone yet work together to build an ARC7 Compassion Center.
The more we empower young people to start and run successful nonprofits and co-ops,
the more hope for humanity!

Emotional Connection

Learn how to build connection from the inside out, online first, then in person.

Life Purpose

Help build meaningful projects nearby and around the world.

Financial Collaboration

Help build cooperative communities and abundance for all.

Our goal is to build connection, life purpose, and financial collaboration.

Each module builds upon the next.

1. COMPASSION TRAINING: Relationships first. Let’s build connection.

Connection will combat loneliness and bring a little excitement to your life.  The training will help you reshape your relationships if they are unhealthy or toxic.

2. COMPASSION PROJECTS: Our projects start online first, then in person.

We train you to become a Teacher, a Life Coach, a Spiritual Guide, a Mentor, a Tribe Leader, a Project Leader, a Team Leader and many other roles in the local or global ARC7 organization.  We set up a Compassion Center where all local ARC7 Compassion Projects are managed.

3. COMPASSION COMMUNITIES: Finally, we build from the ground up.

We build financial collaboration. We don’t believe that people should struggle through life on earth alone. We believe in building a tribe of people who love each other and work together in financial collaboration so that no one is left to struggle for survival alone.  We are building cooperatives for housing and many other ventures that will bless you financially. So we would like you to come and join us!

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ARC7 Compassion Training is a 12-hour course that is offered online at  Training serves a multitude of purposes and goals depending upon the participant’s needs and abilities.

7 Benefits of Compassion Training:

  1. Financial Well-Being: To improve lives through creation of jobs and housing.
  2. Physical Well-Being: To improve lifestyle and access to healthcare.
  3. Personal Well-Being: To become a leader, life coach, teacher, or spiritual guide.
  4. Emotional Well-Being: To instill a sense of belonging and compassion for all.
  5. Social Well-Being: To improve social connection by forming a group that works together.
  6. Community Well-Being: To improve economic development through cooperatives.
  7. Global Well-Being: To improve the global environment through local green building projects.

Become a Compassion Leader


ARC7 Youth Compassion Training Goals:

  1. Instill compassion for all people.
  2. Instill a vision of belonging and contributing to the well-being of a group.
  3. Learn how to identify human needs that are unmet.
  4. Learn how to be a compassion leader.
  5. Learn cooperation and teamwork.
  6. Instill a vision for world peace and abundance for all.
  7. Instill a desire to be an adult member of ARC7 for the rest of their lives.


ARC7 Women’s Compassion Training Goals:

  1. Empower women to be leaders in a global organization and their local communities.
  2. Promote social connection between women.
  3. Improve the buying power of women by working together.
  4. Teach women how to navigate toxic relationships.
  5. Teach women how to exit a relationship safely.
  6. Instill a vision of home and business ownership for women.
  7. Instill a vision of a living and working environment of compassion.


ARC7 Men’s Compassion Training Goals:

  1. Empower men to be Compassion Leaders.
  2. Empower men to empower others.
  3. Instill a vision of belonging and contributing to the well-being of a group.
  4. Learn how to identify human needs that are unmet, and initiate projects to meet them.
  5. Learn cooperation and teamwork, building teams and tribes around projects.
  6. Create cooperative businesses to support the group.
  7. Instill a vision of building ARC7 Apartments with 7 Resource Centers included.



ARC7 Senior’s Compassion Training Goals:

  1. Provide opportunities for seniors to earn extra income from home.
  2. Give seniors something fantastic to do with their free time.
  3. Empower seniors to be Compassion Coaches to make a difference.
  4. Empower seniors make their last stage of life their happiest.
  5. Inspire seniors to use their wisdom and experience for good.
  6. Gather seniors to build ARC7 Apartments for their retirement.
  7. Give a new kind of exit strategy for retirement.


End Poverty and Inequality!

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Compassion means relieving the suffering of others.

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We offer

Three Levels of
Compassion Training

Each Builds Upon the Next

We target each of the
United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Bring Compassion to the World


Our first goal is to develop a global network of the most compassionate people in the world. Then fully equip them through our online Compassion Training to be Compassion Leaders who will set up Compassion Centers in their local areas.

ARC7 is a plan with many milestones for each leader to achieve in each location:


The goal is to gather 50 leaders in each location and help them complete the online training.  We expect this to take about one year.


Leaders are taught in the training to identify needs and to initiate a Compassion Project to meet a specific need in their communities.  Through these local projects we address our seven greatest concerns:

1- poverty (lack of life-giving resources)
2- disease (lack of health education)
3- illiteracy (lack of education)
4- inequality (cultural corruption)
5- domestic violence (cultural corruption)
6- domination of the workplace (cultural corruption)
7- destruction of the planet (cultural corruption)


The team will apply for a business license to establish for profit branch of ARC7 in their local area. Through a mix of government grants, investors, donations, and commercial success, the team will form a cooperative that will establish 7 Resource Centers to address our 7 greatest concerns. They learn how to set up the 7 centers in the training.  These centers will bring stability and abundance to every member of the team equally and their families.


When the cooperative has a two-year financial record as a profitable cooperative, they can begin to plan, design, and seek funding for the next milestone: to build ARC7 Apartment Resource Complex. ARC7 apartments are designed to provide the infrastructure that is missing in developing countries as well as provide an opportunity for cooperative ownership of housing and businesses under one roof.

ARC7 Apartments address all seven of our global concerns with one building that provides clean water, renewable energy, comfortable living conditions, with plumbing, heating, and cooling.

With 7 centers built-in we include important life-sustaining projects such as indoor and roof-top food production, a commercial kitchen, a health center, a learning center, a childcare center, a business center with computers and printers, and an event center big enough for everyone to meet. With home, work, school, and recreation in one location, we eliminate the need for daily transportation and we improve the lives of everyone involved.

ARC7 is self-contained and self sustaining.

We are looking for designs that can float on the ocean in the case of coastal locations that are experiencing flooding due to global warming. Instead of global warming, we will have global well-being.

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