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Re-Imagining the Future of Planet Earth .

The most selfish thing you can do is to help someone else, because the gratification, the goodness that comes to you, the good feeling from helping others—nothing is better than that. –Denzel Washington

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Are you transforming the world yet?

You are almost there!

ARC7 TEAM LEADER TRAINING is for any leader who plans to do amazing things in this world.

This training can be applied to any team and any project. You will learn seven levels of team building for any long-term project. This will help you in life: business, personal, and education.

Build Your Team

Our training offers seven levels. With each level your vision will expand. You can bring the members of your team to be trained to work as an unstoppable team. You can find people in our network to join your team who are well-trained and fully aware of global issues.

Join Our Team

Our team leaders are doing amazing things all over the world. We are looking for leaders who can organize projects that make a difference. To get involved with ARC7 local and global projects, complete training Levels 1 through 7, then choose a specialty project.

Course fees are tax deductible.


Gamify Your Ascension

Level 1: Visionary

Expand Your Vision


Support Projects
$10 a month

Level 2: Socializer

Join Others Online

Level 3: Thinker

7 Dimensions of Life

Level 4: Seeker

The Path to Ascension

Level 5: Peacemaker

Reshape Relationships

Level 6: Collaborator

Form Co-op Businesses

Level 7: Solutionary

Form Resource Co-ops

Healthy Dating

Finding a Partner

Celebrate Ability!

Ability Mentor Training

ARC7 Contribution

Storehouse Leader

ARC7 Family Businesses

Income Generators

ARC7 Business Incubator

Collaboration Leader

ARC7 Architecture

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Sustainability Leader

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Stress Addiction

Mindset Transformation

Teachers and Tutors

Become a tutor.

ARC7 Kids Club

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Garden Buddies

Community Garden

Food Co-op

Start a Food Business

My Whole Foods Kitchen

Group Cooking Leader

3D Health Club

Club Leader Training

Home Life

Get Organized!

Spiritual Alliance

Organize an Alliance

Complex PTSD

A Global Epidemic

Heal Toxic Relationships

What is the problem?

End of COVID Celebration

Talent Leader Training

ARC7 Hub

Building Your Team

Online Coaching

Become a Coach!

Team Leader Training, Get Started Now!

Sign up for interesting learning experiences on complex global topics. This training will cause profound changes in your perspective, or confirm what you always knew was true.


Our first goal is to explain the ARC7 vision, and we hope you will join us!


Tell us about your vision! We will help you build a team of well-trained people who are aware of global issues and local issues. If your vision aligns with ours, we will post your project and your team for the world to see.

NO VISION? THAT’S OKAY! is a Social Learning Network. That means our network offers a place to learn in a socially conscious environment. You will gain a vision as you go along. We guarantee it !

Social Learning

Not everyone who you meet on the ARC7 network is going through the training. Some are here to meet amazing people like you! That’s okay. We want to be known for being the place to meet wonderful people who care about the world. Please be kind and accepting, but do your research before getting involved with anyone for business or personal. Look on their profile to see how many badges they have. Badges matter!


THE SHORT GOAL: Team Building

The short goal is to build a team and fill the seven positions on your team board of directors. The seven positions must be filled with committed leaders who have completed the training. This is when your organization will need a business license for a co-op or partnership. Everyone on your team will be a partner. ARC7 will provide a grant to get your business license.

Team Building involves recruiting new members and helping with hub building.

We need all kinds of people from varied backgrounds and with various skill sets to fill the roles on the team such as teachers, doctors, dentists, builders, architects, maintenance, human resources, business development, health and wellness experts, child care providers, and other various support roles can be filled by you! Together we will create a synergy that will drive the project forward.

1-YEAR GOAL: Hub Building

The one-year goal is to set up a HUB OF SERVICES for your members. We will help you raise funds for this purpose through grants and donations. This HUB will include seven dimensions:

  1. SURVIVAL – A Food Pantry and water well
  2. BODY – First Aid and Vaccinations
  3. MIND – Educational Technology
  4. SPIRIT – Arts and Cultural Experiences
  5. FAMILY – A Meeting House with Kitchen
  6. COMMUNITY – Business Development
  7. HUMANITY – ARC7 Team Leader Training

2-YEAR GOAL: Business Development

Startup businesses will receive help from ARC7 to pay for a business license and find micro loans and grants to get started. Businesses will prepare a two-year financial record to show the banks. They will also gather a down payment for the next goal: building ARC7 Apartments.

3-YEAR GOAL:  ARC7 Apartments

The long term goal is to build ARC7 Apartment Resource Complexes to address the growing housing crisis in developing countries. ARC7 apartments are designed to provide the infrastructure that is missing in developing countries and provide an opportunity for shared ownership. The payment on the loan will be paid by the businesses that have been developed.

We include all needs in one apartment complex, such as:

running water, plumbing
heating and cooling
food production
refrigerators and freezers
educational technology
internet wifi
business development
team leader training

Fast Tracking

We don’t believe in fast-tracking these long-term projects. The team building part of the project is the most important. Your team will be your business partners. We can’t rush the development of strong relationships with common goals and values.

The business development part of the journey can’t be rushed either. This financial stability will ensure that the final goal of building apartments will be built on a strong foundation of cooperation and financial collaboration.

We refuse to build the building first. We build the team first. We call this process “building from the inside out.” We build the people who will live inside the apartments first. This ensures that the final result will be the end of poverty for everyone involved. Each member of the team becomes a member-owner.

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