3D Health Training


The Chef will prepare the food for the demonstration.   As the food is being prepared and cooked, the Chef has the opportunity to teach the cooking process to those who come early to learn this process.  The Chef will lead the group to prepare the garnishes for each dish and place them in a beautiful arrangement for the demonstration.

Certification: As part of the certification of the Food for Well-Being Chef, you must attend the preparation time before a demonstration to assist the Chef until you are ready to do it alone with your own Food for Well-Being Meal Starters Variety Box.


The Presenter will share our pre-scripted presentation at the demonstration.  The presentation is written to encourage attendees to join the club, buy products, and consider the opportunity to earn extra income as part of the Cooking Demonstration Team.

Assignment: As part of the Success Coach certification process, students will assist with the presentation of three demonstrations using our own Presenter Tools.  This provides an opportunity to give a portion of the presentation until they are comfortable to do the full presentation.


The Energy Coach serves the food that the Chef has prepared as the Presenter gives the presentation.  Quietly make sure everyone is happy and has what they need.

Assignment: As part of the certification process the server must arrive at the demonstration early to learn how to garnish each of the meal in a way that is exotic and exciting.   Serve for three demonstrations–two with a teacher with you and one on your own with your own Server Kit.  

Nutrition Coach

The Nutrition Coach will help members set and reach health goals.

Weigh in. Measure waistline. If desired.

Celebrate goals as they are reached.

Teach how to cook healthy meals.

Teach how to do a healthy kitchen clean out.


Success Coach

Welcome people as they enter.

Help them sign in.

Help your team understand how to make a sale.

Help them fill out order forms.

Motivate them to reach their financial goals.

Energy Coach

Lead group exercise during wait times of Group Cooking.

Help your team understand the Energy Scale.

Help your team learn the ABCs of Highest Well-Being.

Help them to resolve any team conflicts.

Look for opportunities to lift the energy of the group.


Food for Well-Being


Get certified to start a business.

Be prepared to give cooking demonstrations

and lead your local club in Group Cooking.

Cook for your family as a demonstration.

Form a 3D Health Club

A 3D Health Club is comprised of three or more members with at least one certified leader for each dimension of health: BODY, MIND and SPIRIT.

We assign a SUCCESS Manager to help you handle the business of the club such as meeting locations, dates and times, updating the club website, ordering product, etc.   Once you have the three certifications completed we will advertise to build a new branch of 3DHealth Club in your local area.

- We build you a web page to add to our list of clubs.

- We help build your coach profiles.

- We add your names to our list of Certified 3D Health Coaches.

- When you are set up and prepared, we advertise in your local area to get your business flowing.

- We handle the calls generated by the local campaign and set up jobs for you, emailing potential customers and answering questions about our program.


Coaching Certification


We train and authorize you to manage your branch of 3D Health Club.

We teach you the business portion of Food for Well-Being Demonstrations.

We train you to make your club profitable for everyone involved.

We train you to give the sales portion of the presentation at demonstrations.

Sales Manager Training

Includes all three certifications:

Food Certification
Success Certification
Energy Certification

Success Manager – Completes all three of the above certifications and is able to play any of the roles competently.  Must attend 9 demonstrations, 3 for each role.

Once certified, the Sales Manager accompanies, assists and supports a new team as they learn to present a Food for Well-Being demonstration in a new territory.  The Sales Manager is authorized to sign and present the Certifications above, is able to train a team with little or no assistance from the company.


Energy Certification


We train you to lead group exercise.

We provide the music and the plan.

We train you how to use the Energy Scale.

We teach you how to provide Energy Coaching for your team and your customers.


Club Manager

Certify Others

Once certified, the Club Manager accompanies, assists and supports a new team member as they learn to present a Food for Well-Being demonstration in a new location.  The Club Manager is authorized to sign and present the Certification.


Continued Support

The continued support package is extremely important for those who plan to create income with their certification. We make sure you get the results you are looking for in terms of income and growth.  We give this great discount package to support you as a 3D Health Club for three full years to ensure your success and the success of our program.

  • We provide business cards with our official logo to endorse you as a 3D Health Coach that represents Food for Well-Being.org.
  • We provide flyers for you to place in strategic locations in your community.
  • We provide continued support for life by Phone, Text and Email.


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