3D Kids Club

3D : Body, Mind, and Spirit 

  Kids are the future!


Self-Care Contest

  • helping put dinner on the table
  • eating healthy foods willingly
  • losing weight
  • exercising for 30 min. twice weekly

Eat right, get exercise and plenty of rest.


Independence Contest

  • Completing our Weekly Planner
  • Doing homework.
  • No reminders from parent.
  • Doing something extra.

Become the highest version of you!


Creativity Contest

  • Essay / Story
  • Poem
  • Art
  • Song

Submissions must answer the question:
"What is Highest Well-Being?"

Showcase your creative gifts on our website and at our festivals. 

8 to 15 year olds!   Do you play video games?

Earn points at home that can buy video game playing hours! 

Learn the 3D Habits that create a successful player. 

Join 3D Kids competitive gaming esports teams.

We choose team members based upon their points on HighestWell-Being.org


Become a 3D Kids Club Leader!

The children need your gifted leadership!

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