501c4 Status

501c4: We have established a 501(c)(4) status, which is for membership organizations and civic leagues operated exclusively for the promotion of social welfare. We are able to have members join us.

501c3 Pending: We are in the process of establishing 501(c)(3) status.

Although donors have no assurance that contributions are tax-deductible for federal income tax purposes until the application is approved, contributions
made while an application is pending would qualify if the application is approved. However, if the application is disallowed, contributions would not qualify. Moreover, the organization would be liable for filing federal income tax returns unless its income is otherwise excluded from federal taxation.
The IRS Exempt Organizations website provides information about how to find out about the status of an application for tax-exempt status.

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OMB No. 1545-2268

Office of the Attorney General
Consumer Protection Division, Charities Unit
P. O Box 899
Jefferson City MO 65102
(573) 751-3321

Arc7 Organization Activities

What: Research and development for a long range plan for leadership development. Program is designed to prepare leaders to initiate projects for social welfare.

Who: All work that has been done to establish Arc7 for Global Well-Being has been completed by Teresa Foster.

What percentage of time: full time for 11 years.

Funding: provided by Dale Foster.

Past Activities Included:

- Developing Arc7.org website - we estimate the value to be between $50,000 and $100,000

- Compiling research into a website with 1000+ pages of content to fully understand each of the 7 elements of well-being.

- Course building: online learning program to certify leaders is included on the website.

- Developing website course materials including 50 powerpoint videos, 50 workbooks, and 3 books

- Gamification of learning program, including progress bars, points, and awards.

Present Activities Include:

- Filling out the 501c3 form and waiting for pending approval

- Preparing for the launch of Arc7.org website and courses.

Planned Future Activities Include:

- Teaching, training, and empowering leaders.

- Establishing strong local membership organizations to support our leaders in various global locations.

- Organizing members into 7 teams, each team with a specific objective.

- The 7 teams will establish an online support center that will offer courses and webinars.

- Arc7 teams will plan, design, develop, raise funds, and initiate projects that will contribute to Global Well-Being.

Missouri Associations

Network for Strong Communities

Network for Strong Communities

Phone: (314) 961-7600
Web: www.nscnow.org



Nonprofit Connect

Nonprofit Connect

Phone: (816) 888-5600
Web: www.npconnect.org