6-COMMUNITY Discussion

Community Well-Being


The sense of community well-being is knowing you live in a safe and beautiful place with lots of opportunity for connection and cooperation with a clear vision for the future that your children and their children will have the same.

  • Safe
    • Clean Water
    • Clean Air
    • Low Crime
  • Beautiful
    • Parks
    • Landscaping
    • Architecture
  • Social
    • Social places to meet people
    • Access planned for disabilities
    • Community projects to work on
    • Working together for the common good
    • A sense of belonging
    • Equality and inclusion
    • Homeless and needy cared for with permanent solutions

Third Eye Chakra

  • Vision, perceiving, conceiving
  • Connection to wisdom and insight
  • Inspiration and creativity
  • Intuition
  • Perception of subtle energy
  • Psychic abilities
  • Illumination

Career Well-Being


Whether we get paid or not, Personal Well-Being is based upon these factors:

  • 1- What we do has meaning.
  • 2- What we do uses our strengths.
  • 3- What we do gives us something to look forward to.
  • 4- What we do involves friends and/or family who share a common mission.

We want more than “an education.”

We want more than "a job."

We want more than "a career."

Humans do best when we are able to combine our jobs, our careers, our gifts and our life purpose into one opportunity to serve humanity.

Those who had a best friend at work reported greater "personal well-being." People with greater "personal well-being" are more productive and perform better at their jobs.

We believe that careers must be chosen based upon personal passions and strengths aimed at the highest purpose and the greatest need nearby and around the world.

Humans love to learn and be challenged to solve problems.  We want to learn at our own pace and come to our own conclusions. We want the freedom to discover the answers for ourselves.  We want whatever we do with our time to have meaning and purpose.  Otherwise boredom sets in and we lose interest.



Do you agree that these bullet points are the key factors in the sense of community well-being?

Can you think of one more?

Please leave your comments below.


  1. I do agree that the bullet points define community well-being. If the community doesn’t give the sense of community well-being no one would want to live there. High crime rate, tons of pollution, destroyed environment, ugly-looking buildings, and unfriendly people. Another bullet point would be “planned layout” or “community layout planned.” If a community wasn’t planned ahead, commutes would be longer, layout unprofessional, more unplanned gaps left unsafe, an inefficient amount of money would be spent, and people would be unhappy.

  2. I agree that these points are key factors in community well-being. They are the building blocks that lead to everything else. Good schools, restaurants, or access to stores are all important too. These bullet points can’t really be added to a community after it’s been established. They must be planned during the design process. A community with these planned characteristics would evolve and become what the people want it to be. It would be able to satisfy their other needs on all 7 levels. A bullet point I would add is “Room to grow.” A healthy community would have to adapt to the needs of those living in it.

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