7 -HUMANITY Definition

Global Well-Being

What is Sacred? 

The global well-being comes from understanding what is sacred.  Understanding the things that are sacred will motivate our actions:

  • Pollution Eradication
  • Protecting the Planet
  • Earth is sacred


  • Poverty Eradication
  • Well-Being for All
  • Life is sacred


  • Illiteracy Eradication
  • Education for All
  • A mind is sacred


  • Organized Cooperation
  • Contribution of Time and Talents
  • Our time is sacred


  • Disease Eradication
  • Funding for Research
  • Funding for Treatments
  • Funding for Medical Personnel
  • Money is sacred to fund relevant causes



Crown Chakra

  • Awareness of higher consciousness
  • Awareness of wisdom, of what is sacred
  • Realization and liberation from limiting patterns
  • Communion with higher states of consciousness
  • Connection with the formless, the limitless, GOD
  • Being present in the moment
  • Ecstasy, bliss




Do you agree that these bullet points are the key factors in the sense of global well-being?

Which one is your favorite and why? 

Can you think of one more?

Please leave your comments below.

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