7-HUMANITY Discussion

Global Well-Being


Global well-being comes from protecting that which is “sacred.”

When something is sacred to us we do all we can to honor and protect it from damage or corruption. The bullet points below are behaviors that naturally follow when you hold something “sacred.”

1._____ Money is sacred

  • Using money for Research
  • Using money for Treatments
  • Using money for Medical Personnel
  • Using money for Disease Eradication
  • Using money for Poverty Eradication
  • Using money for relevant causes

2._____ Life is sacred

  • Protecting all living beings
  • Protecting the Planet

3._____ Children are sacred

  • Teaching children what is sacred to protect the future

4._____ Cooperation is sacred

  • Working together for the common good
  • Stabilizing basic needs together
  • Designing human systems that support abundance for all

5._____ Home is sacred

  • Neighborhood watch, Crime prevention
  • Clean Water, Clean Air
  • Designing enjoyable living spaces
  • Designing social places to meet people
  • Designing beautiful parks, landscaping, architecture

6._____ Equality is sacred

  • Accessibility is included in every design
  • Equal access to human support systems
  • Equal access to education

7._____ Life purpose is sacred

  • Autonomy over my own time
  • Autonomy over my own talents
  • Autonomy over my own life choices


What kind of project would impact your sense of global well-being?

Please leave your comments below.

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