7 Teams / 7 Centers

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Certification Descriptions

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1-The SURVIVAL Team is focused first on The Gathering.” We believe that SURVIVAL of our species depends on "the gathering" of the conscious community to work together for the common good and organizing into one powerful teams with unified goals.  Without this connection we live lives of emotional deprivation.  We believe that SURVIVAL should be a group effort, like a tribe or a beehive.  Too many people choose to struggle alone. We call our hub "HUB-OM," a local group that is focused on helping each other rise out of "Survival Mode" to experience the human connection that will bring greater well-being to those who join.

2– The BODY Team is focused on “The Awakening” to help bring hub members to highest well-being for themselves and others. Health Practitioners will assist new members towards 3D Health; body, mind, and spirit by reducing stress, increasing exercise, and improving diet habits.

3– The MIND Team The MIND Team is focused on “The Paradigm Shift.” Einstein said we can't solve problems with the same level of thinking that created them.  Education is the key! We must co-create a new mindset. We learn, teach and influence others to take steps towards the fulfillment of our highest life purpose.  We offer certifications and quarterly retreats to provide each individual with motivation to get organized, get educated, and get going!

4–The SPIRIT Team is focused on “The Choice.” We believe that no matter where you fall in the spiritual, cultural, or ideological spectrum, there is always a way to find commonality with others. We use The Energy Scale to measure the content of a person’s character rather judging them by their religious, cultural, or political affiliation.  We stand strong for freedom of thought, freedom of creative expression, and freedom of religion. All else is oppression which negatively impacts well-being, creativity, and achievement.

5–The FAMILY Team  is dedicated to training and certifying parents and soon-to-be parents to be well-being coaches and consultants. We believe that all parents must be certified as a well-being coach before becoming parents! There is no higher privilege than to shape the lives of children, and no greater challenge.  Parents create "the nest" of the future of the planet.  The FAMILY Team will walk parents through the ascension process so they can help their children find their voice, their energy, and their purpose.

6–The COMMUNITY Team is focused on planning and preparing to build Arc 7.  Starting with a worker owned business incubator, the hub that began as a place to meet new people, will transform into a powerful income producing entity.  When enough people are producing fruit in the real world, such as co-owned businesses, manufacturing fabrication co-ops, a health co-op, a learning center, and spirit center, they can generate income as a group to create a socio-economic self-governance system that is the inner workings of a future arcology. When enough profits have been gathered, the building project can begin.

7–The HUMANITY Team is focused on "Arc 7,"  Arcology Relief Centers, will provide the foundation for Highest Well-Being for those who live there.  We start with a "hub." The hub grows into a network.  The network establishes co-ops. The co-ops build Arc 7 advanced human habitats nearby and around the world. When Arc 7 is built in an impoverished area of the world, support for highest well-being is offered and all 7 of our top global concerns are addressed.