2) BODY Team

The BODY Team is Focused on Physical Well-Being

3D Health Development
Body, Mind, Spirit



The BODY Team is focused on “The Awakening” to help bring hub members to highest well-being for themselves and others. Health Practitioners, healers and light-workers will assist new members towards 3D Health; body, mind, and spirit by reducing stress, increasing exercise, and improving diet habits.

3D Health Club


Health & Wellness



Yoga Exercise

Healthy Eating

Organic Food

Organic Products

Natural Foods

Vegetarian Cuisine

Three Projects for the BODY Team

Join them all to support highest well-being in yourself and others, but find one project above all to devote your life too.


3DHealth.club provides support for the BODY Team by offering fun and exciting ways to address the need for 1-exercise, 2-nutrition, and 3-stress reduction. The letters “3D” refers to these three crucial components of health.  "3D" can also refer to "body, mind, and spirit."  Together we form a local club and start hosting flash mob rehearsals, group cooking classes, and group meditations.

3DKid.club offers the same for children.


Veg 7 Delivery.com gives the health club a chance to start a business delivering 7 days of home-cooked meals to families or to patients who have a doctor’s recommendation to change their diet quickly.

MyWholeFoodsKitchen.com provides a plan for cooking from scratch, home food production and healthy food storage.

FoodforWell-Being.org provides a food storage product line that promotes daily sustainable living.



Veg 7.org Food Co-op The first goal is to produce the basic foods that the members will most need.  We will provide wholesome, source identifiable food.  Working together, we provide enough food for everyone.  Members provide a certain number of agreed upon hours per week of labor.  The physical location where farmers, members and food entrepreneurs will deliver and pick up their products will be co-owned.  Veg 7.org  brings all of these businesses into one co-op that is committed to fully utilizing food to impact all 7 Dimensions of Ascension.  This provides an opportunity to hire people with disabilities to trained and mentored to package the food products, coach and consult, and deliver food.