The COMMUNITY Team is Focused on Career Well-Being

The COMMUNITY Team is focused on "Common Good Co-ops." Starting with a worker owned business incubator, the hub that began as a place to meet new people, will transform into a powerful income producing entity.  When enough people are producing fruit in the real world, such as co-owned businesses, manufacturing fabrication co-ops, a health co-op, a learning center, and spirit center, they can generate income as a group to create a socio-economic self-governance system that is the inner workings of a future arcology. When enough profits have been gathered, the building project can begin.


Worker Owned Co-ops

Build Arc 7 From the Inside Out


Equal Opportunity

Social Equality

Social Movement

Social Change


Community Issues



Business Marketing

Business Incubator


Three Projects for the COMMUNITY Team

Join them all to support highest well-being in yourself and others, but find one project above all to devote your life too.

Arc 7 Business Incubator

Business Incubator is an organization that is focused on income development, business development, and life purpose development. The business incubator gathers experts in business, marketing, sales, idea development, and manufacturing. These experts will assist people of all abilities to take their ideas to the global marketplace.  This income generation will benefit everyone in the group because they will set aside a portion of the proceeds to build their own Arc 7 Advanced Human Habitat. The businesses they have co-created will lay the foundation for the co-op economy that will soon sustain the Arc.

Arc 7 Think Tank Co-ops

Think Tanks form a membership organization for highly evolved thinkers who have a desire to plan, design, fundraise and build Arc 7. They will first join the discussion online to work out the details of the Arc 7 plan. Then they will each choose which of the 7 dimensions and the 7 centers they want to spearhead. Next, they will watch the YouTube videos collected for that dimension to ensure that they have everything that has been developed so far around the world. Finally, they will meet by way of conference calls and screen sharing to move the plan forward. Members of this group will find ways to communicate with the experts that are featured in the videos to enlist their assistance and invite them to join. We are especially looking for female participants to join this group.

Arc 7 Launch Team

Work closely with the Business Incubator to get ideas to the global marketplace.

Launch your book. Host your big event. Market your innovative product. Start your company.  But don't do it alone! Launch yours and help others launch theirs.  This is a co-creative business mentality.  What if a business incubator was a co-op that gathered the profits to do something fantastic?  What if instead of a hierarchy where only one person at the top absorbs all the profits, there was a torus of energy flowing out and back in, out and back in. This is how we will be able to plan, design and build Arcologies of Highest Well-Being nearby and around the world.

Implement a New Paradigm of Cooperation

Which of these three best aligns with your life purpose?

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