4) SPIRIT Team

The SPIRIT Team is Focused on Emotional Well-Being

Spiritual Development


The SPIRIT Team is focused on “The Choice.” We believe that no matter where you fall in the spiritual, cultural, or ideological spectrum, there is always a way to find commonality with others. We use The Energy Scale to measure the content of a person’s character rather judging them by their religious, cultural, or political affiliation.  We stand strong for freedom of thought, freedom of creative expression, and freedom of religion. All else is oppression which negatively impacts well-being, creativity, and achievement.




Higher Consciousness

Compassion Training



Creativity Training

Arts and Entertainment

Three Projects for the SPIRIT Team

Join them all to support highest well-being in yourself and others, but find one project above all to devote your life too.


See Through New Eyes

Awaken your gifts and your emotions until you feel strong and powerful in your own circumstances.  Learn to let everyone and everything else go. Focus on the real solutions in your life starting deep within you.  No one else holds the key.  Make "the choice" to listen to the positive voices in your heart and mind tune out the negative.


Gather as One

Alliance is a group focused on religious tolerance for traditional beliefs, ancient beliefs, and new scientific studies that prove the existence of things beyond our five senses.  The power of oneness is available to us through our focused attention on the dimension beyond this one. This is how we will create a powerful alliance that can end oppression and overcome all things.


Artist Healers

Artist Healers is a group that is focused on activating their healing powers through all forms of art, 2D, 3D, video, audio, music, dance, performance and instruction.  Artists in history have always led the way toward healing and ascension.  Artist Healers have an keen knowledge of the body's ability to heal itself using natural healing modalities, that include the arts, the power of prayer, and spontaneous healing.