Standing for Religious Freedom and the Power of Oneness

The Quantum Energy Field

Scientific studies tell us that through the power of intention we can influence the energetic field that surrounds us.

Your Higher Self

People who believe in a higher self often believe find meditation can unblock the energy centers and draw the things you desire.

The One Infinite Creator

"Ask and ye shall receive" through prayer, humility, and spiritual cleansing.


Acient and Modern Spiritual Practices

Traditional beliefs, ancient beliefs, and new scientific studies have one thing in common.  They all believe in a source of power and life that is beyond what we can see.  Power is available to us through our focused attention on the dimensions beyond this one.

Master your gifts and your emotions until you feel strong and powerful in your own circumstances.  Learn to let everyone and everything go. Focus on the real solutions in your life starting deep within you.  No one else holds the key.  Choose to listen to the positive voices in your heart and mind tune out the negative.

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