"The Choice"

to Awaken


Don't ask, "Why me?"

Life experiences shape us into the person we are.  Pain is the catalyst for change.

As humans beings, our brains will not find rest until we can make sense of the events of our lives, keeping your mind preoccupied with questions like, "Why did that happen?" or "Why did I deserve that?

There are no mistakes.

There is only learning.

Everyone learns, no matter which choice they make.

Make "The Choice" to stay positive.


Make "the Choice" to serve others instead of self.

The heart is much, much more than a pump that pushes blood through veins.  The heart’s magnetic field radiates outside the body and can affect other people. The heart's inner technology helps us to tap into who we really are, making choices, decisions and communication on a higher level.

Your life situation does not have to change, but your heart does.  Embrace "what is." Relinquish control. Smile.

The moment we turn our attention away from ourselves and our own frustration, and find someone close by to assist or befriend, the stress responses stop in body, mind and spirit.  We find immediate relief from the pain of negative emotions when we reach for something higher.  We gain power to make something new happen.


Change will finally come when you ask

"What can I learn?"

Taking the time to analyze our viewpoints and our opinions will open our minds to new possibilities.

Find the essence of every life lesson and let go of the guilt and shame.

Allow changes to happen in body, mind and spirit.

Forgiveness is the key.

Forgiving self.

Forgiving others.

Forgiving life.

Forgiving God.

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