The SURVIVAL Team is Focused on Financial Well-Being


We believe that SURVIVAL should be a group effort, like a tribe or a beehive.

Too many people are left behind.
Too many people struggle alone.

We intend to co-create a local membership club that will bring its members to highest well-being and greatest achievement.

Online first.  Then in person.


Individual Survival

Quality of Life

Basic Needs




Three Projects for the SURVIVAL Team

Join them all to support highest well-being in yourself and others, but find one project above all to devote your life too.

Learn and Earn Point System

Earn points!

The first goal of Arc 7 is to improve quality of life for members of the club.  We give plenty of opportunity to earn points as you learn and grow spiritually. Take online certifications and get involved in the online game.  Soon you will have more points than you know what to do with!

Arc 7 Online Marketplace

Spend points!

Arc 7, like Ebay, allows us to post our goods and services in the marketplace. The currency we use is the points we earn from the online learning programs.  The more courses we take.  The more we learn.  The more points we have available to spend.

Person to Person Services

Improve Your Life

We believe that SURVIVAL of our species depends on the local conscious community working together for the common good.  This support group is for the Conscious Community. Person to Person Services first starts online, through the Arc 7 Marketplace.  When people sign up in your local area, they can begin to exchange points in person.