Education for Better Quality of Life

Highest Well-Being Leads to Global Well-Being

Happiness First

We believe in personal attention. LIVING, BREATHING, ONE TO ONE, PERSONAL ATTENTION.  Many of our lessons are pre-recorded and self-administered, but at the center of our courses are live interviews and verbally administered testing.  Our coaches and consultants are ready to fulfill their own life purpose by helping you fulfill yours. They are eager to talk to you on the phone to earn their certification as a Well-Being Coach and Consultant with Arc7.org.  Live attention, videos, courses, lessons, quizzes, and worksheets combined will transform your life.

Three components of our learning program.

We want everyone on earth to find their life purpose and develop a conscious business around it.

Yes, life purpose development and conscious business are the long-term goals, but personal well-being comes first.  For millions of people the foundation for life purpose development has not yet been laid.  The foundation for a successful conscious business is a happy person!  Our coaches start by laying the foundation for your highest well-being, which soon will lead you to greatest achievement.


We have live teachers and coaches who are here to guide you through our courses.  Why? Because that's what they were born to do!  They long for connection just like you do and for a chance to make a difference in another person's life.


We are here to challenge and motivate your ascension in all seven dimensions.  Each dimension brings you closer to highest well-being where you will have the greatest achievement and greatest possible impact on the world. We help you combine your job, your career, your gifts and your life purpose into one opportunity to serve humanity.


We award you points for each assignment you complete. We have set up a multi-user marketplace that allows our members to buy goods and services from each other using your points.  This is not only like playing a game, but is also like having a job that pays you to do a specific task.  In this case, the task is to learn, grow, and prosper!