About ARC7.org

Our Program

ARC7 Arcology Research Center is an online collection of courses that prepare students to plan, design, build, co-own, and operate an ARC7 Arcology for Highest Well-Being.

Our Objective

We believe that when you complete the courses your well-being will improve. Once certified, you can help others to do the same by becoming a well-being coach, consultant and mentor for ARC7.org. The process creates a community of conscious individuals who are committed to the final objective of co-owning an ARC7 Arcology.

Our Courses

All ARC7 courses add to the common vision of reaching for highest well-being. We believe that when an individual or group attains highest well-being it naturally leads to a vision for global well-being as we begin to understand that all humanity is one entity, one community, one people. Global Well-Being and Highest Well-Being is the same path.

Our History

ARC7.org is a network of websites, each dedicated to a specific aspect of health and well-being. These sites no longer exist separately, but each has been converted into a course on ARC7.org.

If you are curious to see the list of websites that were merged to create ARC7.org you can review the drop down menu under “Our Network.” You will see the list of links. When you click on one of the links in this list you will be taken to the description page of each site. We still own the URLs, but they all point to ARC7.org.