7 Dimensions of
Human Happiness

7 Dimensions of Happiness is a book, an online course, and a coaching package by Teré Foster, founder of nonprofit. She is sharing the download she received that expanded her understanding of human happiness by dividing it into seven dimensions that are common to all people.  The course is a series of transformational online modules based on the book.  Each module will unlock more of the mysteries that impact human happiness.  The coaching package will transform your life and set you on a new path.  Start by downloading your free copy of the book. Read it on your kindle. Save a tree!

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Human Happiness

Happiness should be easy. Right?  But it’s not easy.  It’s confusing!  And it comes and goes so quickly.

Hi, I’m Teré Foster and many years ago, some ideas were downloaded into my head while I was taking a bath, and I haven’t been able to think about anything else since. I was given this amazing understanding that breaks human happiness into 7 Dimensions that everyone can understand. I’m offering this information to you in 12 modules called “The 7 Dimensions of Happiness” to help you fully understand the true happiness you are looking for.

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nonprofit project in Africa.

We teach successful entrepreneurs a new brand of philanthropy.

We work with you or for you to develop your nonprofit tax write-off for your company.  We have teams of university students in Africa have written project proposals that are waiting for funding.  Together, we will end poverty in their communities by helping them generate income as a team.

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Teré Foster explains her download. Watch the interview!

We’re here to help you develop:


✅ learn the 7 dimensions of happiness

✅ learn lessons in spirituality for deeper personal relationships

✅ add meaning and purpose to your life

✅ identify your personal trauma and find healing

✅ gain insight into yourself and others

✅ develop relationships that meet your needs

✅ learn how to identify red flags early in a relationship

✅ increase your capacity to give love and receive love


✅ learn how to play a significant role without causing unhealthy dependence

✅ harness your success to help others

✅ use your know-how to empower another human being

✅ work directly with a recipient of your donations

✅ manage your donations to go where you want it to go

✅ gain legitimate, honest tax write-offs by contributing to the empowerment of others

✅ travel to a project location, or choose to help remotely


✅ join our long-range vision to build futuristic intentional communities from the ground up

✅ connect with other change-makers like you to build a new kind of living system

✅ learn how to integrate your vision into an exciting larger vision

✅ pay it forward together with others in the Compassion Network

✅ read the book, take the courses, enjoy the coaching, mentoring and spiritual guidance

✅ proceeds and donations are used for nonprofit projects nearby and around the world

Collaborate with ARC7 Mastermind Group

ARC7 gathers together successful entrepreneurs, food growers, healthcare professionals, educators, artists, athletes, influencers, business owners, engineers, and contractors in one location to eradicate poverty and protect equality around the world. We call it a “tribe” but really it’s just harnessing the power of cooperation and financial collaboration.

Got pain? We all do.

Turn your pain into the solution.

Heal and be healed.

We will help you to identify and heal your personal trauma and use it to develop your life purpose.  We help you do a deep self-assessment of all seven dimensions of your life.  We work with successful entrepreneurs who have past trauma that drives them to work hard while negatively impacting their personal relationships and their spiritual growth.  Overachievement is a common sign of early trauma. This 90-day program is tax deductible and will also help you to create a nonprofit arm for an honest tax shelter for your successful business.

Together we reach for highest well-being and global well-being at the same time. That means we dig deep to solve our own pain, while also finding solutions for the suffering of others.

ARC7 Nonprofit Projects

For Successful Entrepreneurs

Teré Foster , founder of will help you find the greatest possible impact you can have on planet earth using your unique gifts, talents, influence and resources. Through her coaching, she will guide you to become a social entrepreneur, a project leader, a team mentor, or an angel investor initiating a project nearby or around the world.

Collaboration Details

Help us continue the work we started in Rwanda. Rwanda is in need of seed capital, angel investors, and mentors to fund youth-led projects that foster a peaceful and inclusive society working in cooperation to eradicate poverty. As a registered 501(c)3 charitable organization in the US, we are grateful for assistance with projects like these.  In the near future we hope to create a credit union in Rwanda and in each subsequent country we work with.

We are a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving human happiness in all seven dimensions.
















Emmanuel Kwizera, nick named Manny or Emmy, welcomes new members to

Ngoga Audace greets Americans in his native language of Kinyarwanda.

Meet your African guides.

We have project leaders in Africa who would enjoy a mentor like you! If you don’t have time to lead a project, you can encourage and support others with their projects.

If you want to do a project in Africa that’s going to make a lasting impact, you’re going to need grassroots community members who are also visionaries.

All of our guides are powerful Certified ARC7 Leaders with a passion to eradicate poverty. They will help you get started and give you the insight you will need if you are planning a project in Africa.

We work with highly successful, busy people like you who would love an opportunity to mentor trained and vetted university students from the ARC7 Network with their economic development projects.

Members of the Kigali Team in Rwanda.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
ARC7 projects support all 17 goals!

Building an online network dedicated to human happiness.

Bring Compassion to the World

Our first goal is to gather a global network of the most compassionate people in the world. Once gathered, we help them heal from their personal trauma while fully equipping them to mentor others.

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