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a- The setter’s job is to set appointments on the calendar.

b- Setters find potential ARC7 coaching clients.

c- Setters send important information.

d- Setters help people want to set an appointment.

d- Setters put an appointment on the calendar for the closer.

e- The phone call allows the client to ask questions and discover more about ARC7.

f- When a client wants to talk on the phone, the setter will send a Calendly link.

g- Next, the closer will call the client and answer all questions.

h- Closers will help the client sign a contract and buy our products.


1. Translation for African members: an “set an appointment” means a time to meet.

2. We set a time to meet by using a software called “Calendly.”

3. This software will give someone options to choose on my calendar.

4. The software will send them email reminders and text reminders.

5. If they forget to go to the appointment, you can send them the link again.


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