About ARC7.org

We are a nonprofit organization dedicated to courses and coaching to improve human happiness in all seven dimensions. Our mastermind offers zoom calls every day on a different topic. We are looking for coaches who would manage a topic or be a guest speaker. They will be asked to choose the topic of their expertise.

When new members join the mastermind they are also welcome to sit in any of the seven days as a guest expert. In this way we collaborate, share each other’s audiences, and do integration marketing. Members are encouraged to sit in on other days as a part of the audience to support their fellow presenters.

Collaboration Details

Our 12-hour certification will help you find the greatest possible impact you can have on planet earth using your unique gifts, talents, influence and resources. Our vision is to guide you to become a social entrepreneur, a project leader, a team mentor, or an angel investor initiating a project nearby or around the world.


ARC7 Standards

G- 260247763