Aquaponics for Improved Food Security in Africa: A Review

Increasing demand on water resources, reduced land water availability, and concerns over food security have spurred the evolution of many innovative and complex food production. An aquaponic system is a productive, innovative, and sustainable fish and vegetable production system that is revolutionizing agriculture in the face of drought, soil fertility losses, and climate change. Aquaponics, as an advanced aquaculture-agriculture system, is expected to improve food security in developing countries.  Read more.

Growing fish and vegetables together. 

90% less water

faster growing time

Charlie Price 

Waste from the fish feeds the plants with nutrients.

The plants clean the water for the fish.

A closed loop system in producing food.


Home Systems

30 gallon fish tank

Waste is turned into a profit worth more than the fish.

Generating more with less.

30 kilos of vegetables for every kilo of fish.

Algae feeds fresh water prawns.

Garden Tower

DYI Garden Tower

DYI Garden Tower - part 2

DYI Garden Tower

Building a Pond

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