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A Socio-Economic Governance System with Many Gaps

The bridge between us and the American Dream has many gaps that lead to complex emotional deprivation and compounding social issues that threaten the survival and well-being of our species.


ARC7 Arcology Research Center
collects, evaluates, improves, and implements solutions
that promote the survival and well-being of our species
in all 7 Dimensions of life.


ARC7 Arcologies gather the conscious community together to address all of the global concerns mentioned above.  We do this by:

  • contributing our gifts, talents, and energy to support a small arcology economy
  • creating close-knit village communities
  • encouraging "mom and pop" stores with handmade products and home based services
  • putting everything you need under one gigantic climate-controlled roof
  • filling the gaps in today's impersonal systems with arcology co-ops for off-grid sustainability
  • 7 relief centers in one
  • eliminating the need for personal transportation
  • solving world hunger of body, mind, and spirit by building ARC7 nearby and around the world
  • addressing global problems permanently rather than temporarily
  • ending hierarchies that maintain built-in inequalities
  • replacing the bottom line with a higher vision for world peace, a restored planet, and abundance for all.



ARC7 Compassion Training Courses

ARC7 leaders and mentors must complete the prerequisites above to be fully equipped to receive our certification.

1- Our courses are specifically formulated for people who dream of being involved with ARC7 Alliance Relief Centers.
2- The courses below provide the on-boarding certification for members of the Alliance.
3- Courses will prepare you to improve quality of life for people in need, nearby and around the world.
4- At the same time these courses will help you to ascend to highest well-being in your own life.