“Arcology” comes from two words:

“ecology” and “architecture.”

The definition of arcology is “a city contained under one roof.”

What is an “arcology”?

Humans have a deep need to belong.

For many of us, it is important to find a way to restore tribal connection in the modern world. The single family dwelling seems to run contrary to our deeper need for a close community.

Arcology Research

Arcology is defined as a human habitat considered ideal for reducing wasteful consumption, eliminating the need for transportation, and preserving the natural surroundings. This project needs people from many perspectives to contribute their best ideas.

ARC7 Arcology

ARC7 has a broader plan. We added “7” with “ecology” and “architecture” to explain our vision.

We added 7 centers to the basic arcology plan to develop a cooperative human system designed for human happiness.

Join the ARC7 Think Tank

We are looking for people who are willing to learn the details of this vision by completing 12 modules of training and reading the course book. Next, we must do the research to find the right answers to every question as together we plan, design, and build the first arcology. ARC7 builds community from the inside out by offering courses and mentoring. This unique education will create a common foundation for us to build upon. Help us build the prototype of the most advanced human habitat ever conceived.

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ARC7 Arcologies for Highest Well-Being and Global Well-Being

Highest Well-Being is focused on individual survival and improving quality of life. 
Global Well-Being is focused on human survival and improving the future of our planet.

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