Aurel Pumayana


Healing: As a intuitive healer, I can create custom mandalas that are unique to you.
I believe in the power of art to carry frequencies of healing power.

Hi, I’m Aurélien Pumayana Floret, an intuitive energy artist. Artwork for Business Branding

♦ Custom Art for your Spiritual Business

I’ve helped many conscious lightworkers transform their business for over 7 years by creating custom book covers, web designs, business cards and more. Artwork for Sale

Home and Office:  I have an endless number of prints to transform the energy of your home or office.

Please let me know how I can do my part to transform your energy and assist your ascension to highest well-being.

♦ Visionary Art for your Home or Business

♦ Energy Clothing to energize your yoga practice.

♦ Yoga Mats to energize your practice.

If you would like a healing mandala made for you, leave a message for Aurel.

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YouTube Channel: Pumayana Luminaya



Note: Aurel Pumayana is the official artist for  The banner across the top of every page is his work and our organization's matching business cardsHis work was also used for the book cover for 7 Dimensions of Highest Well-Being by Teré Foster.


G- 260247763