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Our avatar is a successful coach who has a large audience and has reached their financial goals. When they reach this point in their lives they can take a breath and look around them. They may notice that they don’t have the satisfaction they thought they would have, even though they are very successful. Life might begin to feel hollow and empty. Relationships may suffer. This can be alarming to them, but this is a very simple problem to solve. The problem is that they have not developed the 7th dimension of their happiness which is “HUMANITY.” There is still one goal they haven’t reached for.

We help successful entrepreneurs:

1- find nonprofit projects that fit their personal core values.

2- find their own style of philanthropy.

3- find tax write-offs that they can be proud of.

4- develop life purpose and mission in 12 modules. 

The ARC7 vision is that every successful business should have a nonprofit arm. We can help our clients do this in a simplified way by offering them the opportunity to get involved with projects that are waiting for funding. They can get involved to the extent that they have time for. To protect our recipients in Africa, we require a 12-hour certification before we give donors contact with their recipients.


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