Baha'u'llah means "the glory of God."  He was born and raised among the Muslim the way that Christ was raised among the Jews.  He was a nobleman raised in wealth but became known as "the father of the poor" because he shared his wealth with the poor.  He was exiled four times for claiming to be a prophet of God. The leaders of the Persian Empire were fearful of his teachings that society must change. He spent the last 24 years of his life in the prison city of Akka.  The Bible says, "And I will give ... the valley of Akka for a door of hope" Hosea 2:15  (In Hebrew Akka was called Achor.)  While in prison he wrote the Book of Laws which some call "the most holy book." He died in 1892 in the city of Badji near Akka. His most prominent message was to eliminate diversity of religion and race as he predicted a new united world of peace.

Who is Baha'u'llah?

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