Become a Life Coach

Compassion Training offers compassion training that will equip you to offer the friendship, support, and guidance that people need.

A guide could be called a life coach, consultant, counselor, advisor, teacher, trainer, tutor, minister, pastor, lightworker, empath, healer, guru, or any other label people give someone who supports others as they reach for goals.

You Have Much to Offer

No matter what your age or stage of life, there are millions going through that stage right now who could benefit from your story, your support, or your friendship.

As a guide for, you will be equipped to calm stress, fill gaps in emotional development, and teach people how to meet their needs in a sustainable way. You will expand to your highest wellbeing while you help others do the same.


The path to becoming a guide for takes about three months.  It is up to you how fast you go!  Our courses will take you through the seven-step process and equip you to be a powerful member of our team.

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