Become a Worker-Owner

ARC7 Co-ops are run by Worker-Owners

Any person may become an Worker-Owner of a local ARC7 Arcology by completing the following requirements:

  • Completing an acceptable Contribution Agreement.
  • Approval Vote: Approval of two thirds of Worker-Owners in a vote to be held within one month of completing the period of work above.

Donors Can Be Owners Too!

When you donate $50,000 or more, you will be a co-owner of a time share unit that can be used at any ARC7 location. Because you make a donation, you can write it off on your taxes.

To prevent the inequality that we see when the rich rule over the poor, we only give one vote to each person in the co-op, no matter how much you donate. That means you will have one vote when the co-op is making global decisions too.

If you have a desire to participate in the Global Well-Being Think Tank, you will be required to do the same ONBOARDING process that is required for everyone else. There will be no exception. The ONBOARDING process takes each member through a paradigm shift that will make a huge difference in the way they treat people and interact with the group. One person can ruin the environment for everyone if they don’t understand the goals!

As you interact with the group, be sure to be kind and helpful, because when it is time to renew your membership you have to have a two-thirds vote!

Co-op Votes

Worker-Owners vote to approve a contributor to become a Worker-Owner to work in close collaboration with the workers in a think tank or a project. You will not be paid. You are not an employee. You are an owner that will gain benefits from helping the co-op to prosper.

Not Approved

A worker-owner who is not approved by the vote of the team shall given an opportunity to improve their performance over a period of one year. After that period, there shall be another vote. If the contributor is not approved by the second vote, their involvement with may be terminated or extended for another year.

Suspending Ownership

An Owner who does not attend any general meetings for more than 6 months, or does not contribute more than 6 hours in any 6 month period will be suspended. (In exceptional circumstances, Worker-Owners may vote to provide an exception or extension.)

Suspension Notification: After 5 months of no meeting attendance or insufficient hourly contribution, a warning will be issued to the Worker-Owner, to notify them that their membership will be suspended after one more month, if participation does not change.

Ownership can be reinstated after:

  • Contributing time, volunteer hours
  • A two-thirds vote of Worker-Owners.
    Vote must be held within one month of completing the period of work above.

Terminating Ownership

Ownership will terminate by any of the following;

  • An Owner sends a written notice that they are terminating their ownership.
  • An Owner dies.
  • An Owner Business or Organization dissolves or closes.
  • An Owner is expelled by the Board for cause, as long as the Board uses a consistent, fair, and reasonable procedure for expulsion (provided in writing to the Owners) that gives an Owner a reasonable period of time in which to explain or correct a problem.
  • An Owner deletes their account or are considered “inactive”. “Inactivity” shall be defined by the Board in a manner determined to be reasonable and equitable.

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