5 - Belonging


  • We believe that “Where belonging begins, corruption ends.”
  • We believe we are all one family when we expand our hearts to include all people.
  • We believe that when individuals are well supported they will reach their highest potential, elevating the family to its highest potential, the community to its highest potential and the world to its highest potential.
  • We therefore believe that taking good care of our own multi-generational family members is the greatest service we can do for the world.
  • We seek to elevate the energy of the planet by elevating the energy within the family first, teaching each member individually how to treat one another.
  • We believe that families must develop a strong and peaceful “nest” where the rising generation can develop.
  • We believe that families are the building blocks of any community and even more so in an arcology of well-being.
  • We believe that strong families can better support an arcology of well-being, we therefore believe that any support given to the development and strengthening of the family relationships is time and energy well spent.
  • We intend to design and build a human habitat that keeps the well-being of the family in mind.
  • We intend to design and build a human habitat that helps those who have no family connections to feel like they belong.

Where Belonging Begins, Corruption Ends

Imagine being part of a team that was like a family.
Imagine being part of a family that was like a team
who loved and appreciated you for who you are
Not only because you are so lovable,
but because the team has been transformed to be kind,
to be loving, to be compassionate, to love you no matter who you are.

Imagine being part of a team that sees you as a valuable, talented, integral member,
not because you passed their probationary skepticism and proved that you have something they need, but because the team is made up of people who believe
that there is untapped human potential in everyone.

Imagine being part of the perfect team of loving, intelligent people…

Not democrats, not republicans, not atheists, not religion-ists, not feminists, not capitalists...

Just humans in love with humanity.
Just earthlings in love with earth.

Just people who love all people.
Not only because all people deserve love, but because love feels so much better than hate.

Love makes you beautiful no matter what you look like.

Love puts a sparkle in your eyes and a sedative quality in your smile. 

Love puts healing power in your touch and a treasure in your words. 

Love makes you interesting and appealing.

Love gives you understanding and authority. 

Love gives you a reason to exist and a purpose to live for.

Love is self-sustaining and self-contained.

Imagine being in love. Love for self, for others, for all humanity, for all creation.



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  1. There would have to be teaching moments and bonding moments, times when they’d work and times when they’d play cards or something. If I were to join a team, I’d want to be welcome there even if I couldn’t contribute much at first. When I was younger I joined an expensive water ski club that had been putting on shows for years. I wanted to learn how to ski, but I rarely had opportunities to learn because the performers were always practicing. I could’ve been a cool part of their show, but I was not being welcomed nor taught. I was always left sitting around since no one on the team felt it was their role to welcome or teach newcomers.

    A good team would have to make everyone responsible for welcoming and teaching so that no one is left behind and no one feels alone.

  2. The team would need love. If you and your team were working on a project, sure your team would need cooperation. Love, on the other hand, offers acceptance. It’s one thing to be in a team who work with each other, but it’s another thing to have the team make each other feel they have a purpose and belong. That’s a great feeling. Another thing that comes with love is safety, that’s the best part. It would take love from a team to make you feel you instantly belong there because you feel safe, have a purpose, and you are accepted.

  3. I feel that I belong when my contributions are valued, sought out or shared with others. To help others feel that they belong I feel they would want the same thing and that we are all encouraged to participate.

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