Benefits of Online Learning

One-to-One Learning

With one-to-one teacher and student interactions online, students of all ages and abilities are able to learn faster, develop a love for learning, and get the personalized attention they need for success.

Benefits of Online Learning:

1. Never fall behind. Everyone moves at their own pace. Time is not a factor, only mastery.

2. Ask and Get Answers. With the one-on-one model, instructors listen and respond immediately.

3. Low stress environment, no fear of failure.  With compassionate online teachers there is no wrong answer or silly question. We train our instructors to empower each student to set and achieve their own educational goals and develop a love for lifelong learning.

4. Custom instruction. In a one-on-one relationship, teachers can fully serve the student to enjoy a self-guided exploration and help the student set their own goals.

5. Students take responsibility. With no one forcing them to progress, students learn to take course work seriously and fully master the materials.

6. Eliminates distractions.  A focused environment enables the student to use all of their brain power on learning and not on the distractions around them.

7. Personalized conversations.  Instructors will have the flexibility to align conversations and assignments with what interests and inspires the student.

8. Instructors adapt to the student’s communication style. Sharing of ideas, questions, and answers, can be more organic and to the student’s preferences.

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