The BODY Dimension
is Focused on Physical Well-Being

BODY Projects are focused on assisting you towards 3D Health: body, mind, and spirit.

Learn and Earn Points:

Meetups and Projects for Physical Well-Being:


Stress Addiction is a course that teaches leaders how teach relaxation in all its forms. This is crucial for health and well-being.  Learn to teach natural ways to lower the heart rate and blood pressure and calms the nervous system.  Help people laugh, play, love, and let everything go.  Become a Relaxation Leader!



3D Health Club teaches leaders how to provides support for  all three dimensions of health: body, mind, and spirit.  Form a club in your local area.  Become a 3D Health Club Leader!

3D Kids Club teaches leaders how to organize a club for children.  Become a 3D Kids Club Leader!


Cooking Club provides a plan for organizing a club that cooks healthy foods from scratch.  This group gets together to cook their "meal starters" for the week.  Meals are natural vegetarian recipes that are cooked in jars that can be easily transported to your own kitchen, stored in your refrigerator, and warmed in the same jar.  Become a Cooking Club Leader!

Food for Well-Being is a plan to start a food storage business in your local area. The product line we use promotes daily sustainable living and improve the nutritional value of our meals.  Our plan helps people "eat right over night."  It's quick, easy, and will help you get healthy dinners on the table each night. You can learn to produce these meal starters yourself to create food storage product for personal use or to sell as a business.  Become a Food for Well-Being Business Leader!


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