Book – Healing Global PTSD

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Healing Global PTSD 

by Teré Foster

7 Gaps in Today's Global System

7 Human Needs Continually Unmet

7 Dimensions of Intervention Planned

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This book aims to re-shape or re-imagine the future of planet Earth. It is a proposal for self-help, business, entrepreneurship and spiritual ascension combined.  The final result we are reaching for is two-fold: Highest Well-Being and Global Well-Being.

Our lives have been traumatized by a broken global system. Humanity appears to be experiencing global PTSD as individuals become more and more isolated and alone. In this book, Healing Global PTSD, Teré has identified 7 gaps in our global system that make it nearly impossible for humanity to meet their 7  Essential Human Needs.  The book proposes 7 Power Projects that are designed to meet each Essential Human Need. The goal is to co-create an environment for highest well-being by building Arc7: Advanced Rescue Communities.

This book calls upon the Conscious Community to gather into teams to co-create a solution that will address poverty, disease, illiteracy, oppression, violence in the home, domination in the marketplace, and destruction of the planet.  Collaborating as a think tank, these teams will own and operate a self-governing, self-sustaining, self-contained, fully automated, advanced
nonprofit community that we call Arc7.

Arc7 is an arcology that floats on the ocean, designed to be accessible to all levels of ability and disability. This is where highly evolved people will be able to co-create a small socio-economic governance system that works together for the common good. Our world is not yet set up in a way that will allow us to co-create a low sensory, harmonious environment conducive for the development of highest well-being. The only way we can co-create such an environment is to find leaders who have a strong desire to participate in an advanced collaborative lifestyle that reflects their deepest values. These leaders will design the first Arc7 prototype that can be duplicated anywhere in the world, on land or sea.

Teré received a spiritual download more than a decade ago about the Arc7 Arcology plan, but the technology and architecture only caught up to this vision recently. The paradigm shift is also catching up in the hearts and minds of many who are ready for a brand new way of living that is focused on highest well-being and abundance for all.


Arc7: Arcology Relief Centers
Arcologies for Sacred Human Evolution
Co-Creating Low-Stress Environments
for Highest Well-Being and Global Well-Being


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