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Vegan recipes

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 Food for Well-Being

Two side dishes for each day of the week.


Monday Mexican

FRIJOLES: Add packet to cooked Pinto Beans.  Serve hot as frijoles or cold as bean dip. 
VOLCANO RICE: Add mix to cooked rice.


Tuesday Tandoori

LENTILS MASALA: Add packet to cooked Lentils 
TANDOORI RICE: Add liquids to mix and pour over cooked rice


Wednesday Western

WESTERN BAKED BEANS: Add packet to cooked white beans.
Bake until color of beans darkens.  This sauce can also be used for Jackfruit Pulled Pork.
VEGAN MAC SAUCE: Add packet to vegan milk.  Drizzle over cooked noodles or rice.


Thursday Thai

CURRY COCONUT RICE: Add liquids to sauce mix and pour over cooked rice.
ASIAN BEAN SALAD: Add packet to cooked bean water to make dressing.


Friday Fusion

CUBAN BLACK BEANS: Add packet of mix to cooked Black Beans
BLACK RICE AQUAFABA: Add packet of mix to cooked black bean water to make sauce.


Saturday Sicilian

HUMMUS: Add packet of mix to cooked Garbanzos beans, mash
CACCIATORE:  Add 1 can diced tomatoes to mix to make sauce.
Add cooked vegetables to sauce and spoon onto a bed of cooked quinoa.


Sunday Southern 

CAJUN RED BEANS: Add packet of mix to cooked Red Beans 
DIRTY RICE: Saute cooked rice with Cajun red beans 



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