Ordering tips:
-25 pounds of grain fits perfectly in a 4-gal bucket.
-When ordering 25 pounds of any bulk item remember to order a 4-gallon bucket to store it in.
-Stack them three high and put a board across the top to make a shelf for appliances. (left)
8 buckets configure into an end table. (right)
We covered buckets with a table cloth in the picture to the right and topped with a lamp.
No one ever knows it's there!  
We put a 24"x 24" tile on the top to make a solid table top.
4-Gallon square buckets

Set of 8 for $73.87

Set of 32 for $279.94
2-Gallon square buckets

Set of 8 for $69.97

Set of 32 for $273.64

square lids

Set of 8 lids for $23.80

Set of 32 for $89.80


G- 260247763