A few years ago I had many symptoms that were seemingly unrelated such as an ear ache, athlete’s foot and cold sores. I found that they were all symptoms of an overgrowth of bacteria in the stomach called candida. I became so ill that I was making plans with my husband, both of us in tears, about who would take care of my children. We thought I must be dying. I couldn’t stand up. I couldn’t lift my arms. I couldn’t live my life!

I finally developed such terrible neck pain that I went to see my chiropractor. He told me to stop all sugar for three weeks or more. But sugar is in everything! In order to do this I had to completely stop all store-bought processed foods; everything in a box, bag or can.

The little candida organisms crave sugar, which is their life source. Any form of sugar will do; any sweetener, any carbohydrate. So I kept craving the wrong foods because that’s what they were begging for.

I researched it on the internet and found that a large number of people in America have candida without recognizing it. I had been treating all the little symptoms without understanding the nature of candida. It is a colony of life-sapping organisms that made me tired and depressed by attacking every bodily system.

I realized I had to starve them out before they actually sapped me of my life! Thus My Whole Foods Kitchen was born. My cookbook offers more than just recipes, but a lifestyle. In this lifestyle I voluntarily took steps toward self-reliance by learning to produce my family’s needs. I learned to set up my kitchen to be a place of creative productivity instead of den of obesity. I adopted a rotating weekly menu of meals that meet our nutritional needs instead of breaking our bodies down with foods that cause malfunction of the bodily systems.

I have found that the best way to avoid junk food is to have none in my house. As soon as I leave the house I am surrounded with all the foods I am trying to avoid, so I make my home a “safe haven” where these foods will not bombard my loved ones with impulses that work against their health and well being. Because I am the shopper for the family, I hold a grave responsibility to guide the family wisely in the foods that they have to choose from.

I can’t allow our menu choices to be driven by our cravings for sugar or salt. Feeding our craving for sugar is actually “feeding” the living organisms of bacteria that are wreaking havoc on our health. I teach my children these concepts and hope that they make good choices when they are outside my home, but inside my home, they will only find whole foods that improve their health instead of processed foods that will break it down. Teach these concepts to your children to end the epidemic of obesity and diet-related diseases in their lifetime.

Back in the old days people would take caster oil by the spoonful and it was terrible tasting stuff. Mary Poppins said “a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down”. Well today they put it in gel capsules and solved the taste problem. Undecylenic Acid is derived from the castor bean and kills the Candida bacteria without killing your own immune system of bacteria. I have also seen it spelled Undecenoic Acid.

Acidophilus will build up your good bacteria at the same time by eating yogurt.

I have learned from experience that taking these supplements without changing my diet is an exercise in futility. It’s like trying to clean a pool while someone is pouring sewage into it. It doesn’t work. However, when I try to make the dietary changes without taking the supplements I lose the battle as well.  Because my body screams for the salt and sugar that will feed my mortal enemies who are attacking every bodily system from the inside out, I am tricked into eating the wrong foods again and again by believing the promises that flood my brain that I will feel better as soon as I eat that salty pile of twisty fried potatoes or that granola bar topped with peanut butter frosting. Even when my greens are prepared and ready to eat in my refrigerator, when candida has taken control I can’t make myself eat them. My mind is repulsed by the green leafy vegetables that will make me strong.

I have to fortify myself with more knowledge about my enemy, this bacteria that seeks to infiltrate every bodily system and take me down with endless little unrelated ailments that keep me from being happy and productive. It may not be the salt that I truly crave, but the potatoes that instantly turn into sugar after I eat it.

The only answer is to give my kitchen a healthy make-over and make sure that I am surrounded by foods that will strengthen and heal.  At least when I am home I will be safe from the constant barrage of temptations.


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