Arc 7 Develops Life Purpose

In an arcology of well-being we no longer have jobs that are defined by what we do, but why we do it and for what purpose.  When a teacher, for example, is asked what she does for a living she would answer, “I’m a teacher.”  However, in an arcology of well-being we are trained to see the work we do as our life purpose. We don’t define our jobs by the tasks we complete, but by the purpose for which we do it.  So ask one of our teachers what they do for a living and she will respond something like this: “I help people learn. I help them discover their strengths and help to develop them.  I help them find their purpose on the earth, a purpose that has the greatest impact on the greatest need for mankind.

What about jobs that are more down to earth such as a trash collector for the community.  He would describe his job like this: “I see to it that there is no waste in our community.  I make sure that everyone in the community respects our resources and uses them wisely by dividing their items into bins for recycling and biomass conversion.  I recycle and convert every little scrap into something that betters the community.  There is no such word as waste in our community.”

A third example of a job in the community might be the mayor.  How would she describe her job in an arcology of well-being? Perhaps she would say, “I see to it that each member of my community is experiencing well-being. I find talented people to create support systems for all 7 levels.  I help the members of the community form co-ops to meet basic needs and assist them as they manage these programs.  I make sure that every business is profitable and is bringing income into the community.  I make sure that the profits are dispersed to every member of the community, myself included, in equal portions through worker co-ops.”

Everyone that plans to live and work in an arcology of well-being must work with a Think Tank to create his or her Contribution Agreement.  Life Purpose Careers are completely different than "getting a job".  The primary difference is the final objective is well-being for the individual, the community and the world simultaneously. Education is the key to developing a life purpose that will bring ultimate Career Well-Being.  Find a career that utilizes your strengths and gives your life meaning. Acquire the education needed to develop your strengths. Teach your children to do the same.


What would you consider to be your current life purpose?

Would you choose the same career if you were to join a community of well-being?

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Virtual Learning

Developing a Life Purpose is completely different than teaching "marketable skills."

Life Purpose Careers are completely different than "getting a job".

The primary difference is the final objective is well-being ...
for the individual, the community and the world simultaneously.

Our goal is to teach each individual the power they have when the education they experience is focused on developing “life purpose.”

Knowledge is Power

Self-Guided Learning

We believe in a self-guided, individualized learning system that helps each learner discover their strengths and their life purpose as opposed to the public education system that educates in groups.  Technology makes finding your niche possible in a way that a 30 to 1 student/teacher ratio could never do.  

In a self-guided, individualized learning system there is no such thing as grading.  Instead the goal is “mastery.”  There is no time limit or "end" to the education of anyone.  Each child or adult is allowed to excel and advance in the subjects that come easy and allowed to take all the time they need for subjects that are more challenging.

When a child or adult is allowed to learn at their own pace until they master the subject they are studying, we believe anyone can learn anything.  Thus a learning disability is not based on the apparent lack of ability of the individual, but the learning program's obvious lack of flexibility to adapt to the learning needs of each individual.  Group learning is part of a bygone system that is giving way to a more effective and equalizing individualized learning system.  

Rather than pushing a student into subjects they don't enjoy or desire, they can focus on the subjects that motivate them to push forward.  When the learner becomes bored, he or she can move to another subject.   In an individualized system, the strengths of each individual becomes clear.  These strengths can then be fully developed and fully utilized rather than spending precious development time on subjects that won't make a bit of difference to the learner, the community or the world.  


How would a self-guided virtual learning program impact you and those you love?  Would it help in finding meaningful life purpose?

Please leave your comments below.

Personal Well-Being

"Career Well-Being" has to do with what we do with our time.  It has nothing to do with a paycheck.  People who report having a sense of "career well-being" had these four factors in place every time.

Whether we get paid or not, Career Well-Being is based upon these factors:

  • 1- What we do has meaning.
  • 2- What we do uses our strengths.
  • 3- What we do gives us something to look forward to.
  • 4- What we do involves friends and/or family who share a common mission.

We want more than "a job."  We want more than "a career." We want to combine our jobs, our careers, our gifts and our life purpose into one opportunity to serve humanity.  Those who had a best friend at work reported greater "career well-being." People with greater "career well-being" are more productive and perform better at their jobs.

We believe that careers must be chosen based upon your personal passions and strengths aimed at the highest purpose and the greatest need.



What is an example of "highest purpose" or "greatest need"?

Please leave your comments below.