5 - Belonging


  • We believe that ‚ÄúWhere belonging begins, corruption ends.‚ÄĚ
  • We believe we are all one family when we expand our hearts to include all people.
  • We believe that when individuals are well supported they will reach their highest potential, elevating the family to its highest potential, the community to its highest potential and the world to its highest potential.
  • We therefore believe that taking good care of our own multi-generational family members is the greatest service we can do for the world.
  • We seek to elevate the energy of the planet by elevating the energy within the family first, teaching each member individually how to treat one another.
  • We believe that families must develop a strong and peaceful ‚Äúnest‚Ä̬†where the rising generation can develop.
  • We believe that families are the building blocks of any community and even more so in an arcology of well-being.
  • We believe that strong families can better support an arcology of well-being, we therefore believe that any support given to the development and strengthening of the family relationships is time and energy well spent.
  • We intend to design and build a human habitat that keeps the well-being of the family in mind.
  • We intend to design and build a human habitat that helps those who have no family connections to feel like they belong.

Where Belonging Begins, Corruption Ends

Imagine being part of a team that was like a family.
Imagine being part of a family that was like a team
who loved and appreciated you for who you are
Not only because you are so lovable,
but because the team has been transformed to be kind,
to be loving, to be compassionate, to love you no matter who you are.

Imagine being part of a team that sees you as a valuable, talented, integral member,
not because you passed their probationary skepticism and proved that you have something they need, but because the team is made up of people who believe
that there is untapped human potential in everyone.

Imagine being part of the perfect team of loving, intelligent people…

Not democrats, not republicans, not atheists, not religion-ists, not feminists, not capitalists...

Just humans in love with humanity.
Just earthlings in love with earth.

Just people who love all people.
Not only because all people deserve love, but because love feels so much better than hate.

Love makes you beautiful no matter what you look like.

Love puts a sparkle in your eyes and a sedative quality in your smile. 

Love puts healing power in your touch and a treasure in your words. 

Love makes you interesting and appealing.

Love gives you understanding and authority. 

Love gives you a reason to exist and a purpose to live for.

Love is self-sustaining and self-contained.

Imagine being in love. Love for self, for others, for all humanity, for all creation.



Do you believe in these core values?

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Social Well-Being

Can you picture the impact that increased well-being will have on your family as we work through each of the elements of well-being and begin to implement these strategies?  By the time we get to the fifth element of family, most of the steps that strengthen family relationships have already been addressed.  There are a few additional details remaining to help families become the strong building blocks of the community. These include:

  • preparing young people for marriage
  • supporting families during divorce
  • reducing the need for divorce
  • reducing trauma during divorce
  • reducing unwanted pregnancies
  • supporting unwed mothers
  • reducing the need for abortions
  • promoting responsible fatherhood

And much more.

It is never too early to teach children about the path to well-being.  The course can be done together as a family, and as you journey through the links and leave your comments, and encourage your children to have their own account, with their own ideas and their own comments, you can begin to imagine what well-being looks like in your own life, your own home and your own family. There is no more important course of study that will improve the lives of those in your family, improve the world and improve the future of mankind.

Teens and young adults especially benefit from our online learning format with a reward system that means something in the real world.  As your family members gain points and get promotions on they will have something that no other course of study will offer them: an opportunity to imagine living in the Center for Global Well-Being free of charge for the rest of their lives.


How much does family impact the well-being of an individual?

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Food for Well-Being Promotes Common Meals

eating at table
Your child may be

35% less likely to engage in disordered eating
24% more likely to eat healthier foods and
12% less likely to be overweight


Experts in health and psychology agree that having a common meal each day is crucial to health and well-being. It increases the possibility of eating the healthy foods that maintain physical health as well as the likelihood of vital conversations that maintain family relationships.

PROBLEM 1: Most families report that they no longer have meals made from scratch nor do they sit around the table for a daily common meal.  This important part of family life is eroding largely due to the fact that both parents are working and meal preparation time has been crowded out.  At the same time, the elderly are alone at mealtime living with a reported lack of purpose and loneliness and singles have no reason to cook from scratch when it would be for just one person.

UNHEALTHY SOLUTION: The quick solution is to resort to processed foods, fast foods, TV Dinners and the like which carry with them many health issues including obesity, heart disease, and other diet-related diseases.

HEALTHY SOLUTION:  Food for Well-Being provides the plan to prepare the meals for the week all at once and have the meals labeled and in the refrigerator ready to serve. In less than 10 minutes busy families can be enjoying a common meal around the table. We you how to have the meals labeled and stored in the refrigerator ready to serve in less than 10 minutes.  Now you can serve a healthy, home-cooked meal around the table every night.

PROBLEM 2:¬†In today’s world there are so many dietary choices; gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, low-sodium, low-calorie, vegan, vegetarian, high-protein and unplanned diets with no restrictions. Members of the same household find it impossible to eat the same meal at the same table. Food for Well-Being shows you how to bring everyone back together around the same table again.

UNHEALTHY¬†SOLUTION: ¬†Every fend for themselves. ¬†Don’t eat together. ¬†It just becomes a point of contention because no one can agree on the meal plan.

HEALTHY SOLUTION: Food for Well-Being creates a way for meat-eaters and vegans to eat at the same table in perfect harmony. We do this by changing the focus from ‚Äúmeat or no meat‚ÄĚ to higher goals of being healthy, happy, satisfied and living together in peace. ¬†This practical plan offers a theme for each day of the week that everyone will enjoy. ¬†The basic nutrition of each theme is provided by Food for Well-Being and meat is reduced to a “garnish”. ¬†¬†If a household can cooperate enough to eat these common meals together they will experience a strengthening of their family unit.