Build on the Moon

With our cities more packed and polluted than ever, engineers and architects are being forced to get creative. In the face of a growing population we‚Äôve built staggering skyscrapers and deep underground networks of transportation systems, but where do we go next? Some have started to look at the final unclaimed frontier ‚Äď the ocean.

Terra Preta

Terra Preta - "Black Earth"

A Systematic Approach for sanitation, agriculture, soil fertility, and water resources.

SuSanA Sustainable Sanitation Alliance

Institute of Wastewater Management and Water Protection at Hamburg University of Technology under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Ralf Otterpoh


Portable Sanitation System



Charcoal Production

Organic Farming

Ethiopia Pit Latrines

Composting vs Chemical Fertilizer


Design a toilet

Build an Arbor Loo

Bamboo Wetland for Grey Water

Learn more about Bamboo

Green Architecture

Plant perenial herbs on the roof!

  • Chives¬†
  • Rosemary
  • Mint¬†
  • Tarragon¬†
  • Lavender¬†
  • Oregano¬†
  • Sage
  • Thyme¬†¬†

Homes that produce food.

Arrange homes where one cannot see the other.

A nation without a vision is bound to repeat the same mistakes over and over again.

Earth homes made with materials from the earth.

It is less expensive to build better eco cities from the ground up than repairing aging structures.





Share What You Have

Anyone who has a sincere desire to contribute to Global Well-Being has a place in this organization. 

Desire goes farther than aptitude tests or prior accomplishments when it comes to working together for the common good. That means there will be room for all kinds of people with every kind of skill and level of experience.  The last thing we ever want to hear is that you offered to help and we had nothing fulfilling for you to do.

With that said we will be looking for gifted and talented people with ideas, innovations and organizations that support each of the seven elements of well-being and together we will provide a support system for whatever you have in mind.


Conscious Collaboration
Conscious leaders will appreciate that we want them to have the exact same environment of freedom and autonomy that we want for ourselves, one that develops our fullest human potential. To create that environment, we need the structure of a common vision without imposed limitations or ideologies.  In this case, the structure is "global well-being" and anything that supports the pursuit of it will be welcome.  In contrast, anything that excludes or does harm to anyone or anything on any of the 7 levels of well-being will not be welcome. 

Not everyone is ready to step into their role at this moment, but those who are ready will be able to do so with ease on if we have done our part of the vision correctly.  We are comfortable interacting with leaders and their followers because we have a deep-rooted peace knowing that we have been chosen for this role on the earth at this time in history and we are in no way competitors.  We want every leaders to have that same confidence and understanding of their own role on the earth and find their role in this vision. 

Divine Daily Direction
Our strength and confidence comes from a strong connection to the universe. Our leaders receive clear intuitive direction on a daily basis.  We call it "Divine Daily Direction" and we are committed to follow the direction we receive and we work well with people who respect the direction we receive and we respect the direction they receive.  We make the assumption and projection that other leaders will want what we want:
  • We¬†must have¬†the freedom to express the divine direction we¬†receive in an undiluted, unhindered way and so must you.
  • We must have the freedom to think fast, move fast, take action fast when we¬†are guided to do so, and¬†also pause¬†when we are¬†guided to pause and so must you. ¬†
  • We¬†must have confidence in the intuitive connection of the leaders who are working with us. ¬†
  • Leaders must take care¬†to receive divine guidance and be committed to follow their guidance on a daily basis. ¬†
  • We¬†want the freedom to manage our portion of the vision autonomously and we¬†want leaders to manage their own vision separately and autonomously.
  • We trust the journey, mistakes included and work well with leaders who have the same level of trust. ¬†
Elevating Energy!
Somehow we will intersect and fit together like pieces of a puzzle or gadgets in an erector set.  Autonomous yet interdependent and connected.  Our fullest potential will be realized when the fully developed pieces are put together.  As we make the right connections the energy of the project will elevate.  
A visionary can tell when his or her vision is ready to be added to the Global Well-Being vision:
  • when they have expressed their vision in its entirety in a concrete way that others can understand.¬†
  • when they can answer yes to all 7 questions of the well-being mission.
  • when they know exactly how, when and where they fit into the vision.¬†
  • when there is no hesitation or reservation to get involved.¬†


What are some of the benefits of bringing leaders of organizations together?

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7 -HUMANITY Definition

Global Well-Being

What is Sacred? 

The global well-being comes from understanding what is sacred.  Understanding the things that are sacred will motivate our actions:

  • Pollution Eradication
  • Protecting the Planet
  • Earth is sacred


  • Poverty Eradication
  • Well-Being for All
  • Life is sacred


  • Illiteracy Eradication
  • Education for All
  • A mind is sacred


  • Organized Cooperation
  • Contribution of Time and Talents
  • Our time is sacred


  • Disease Eradication
  • Funding for Research
  • Funding for Treatments
  • Funding for Medical Personnel
  • Money is sacred to fund relevant causes



Crown Chakra

  • Awareness of higher consciousness
  • Awareness of wisdom, of what is sacred
  • Realization and liberation from limiting patterns
  • Communion with higher states of consciousness
  • Connection with the formless, the limitless, GOD
  • Being present in the moment
  • Ecstasy, bliss




Do you agree that these bullet points are the key factors in the sense of global well-being?

Which one is your favorite and why? 

Can you think of one more?

Please leave your comments below.

Cooperative Duplication

"Build Nearby and Around the World"

The sense of Global Well-Being comes from being part of an effective solution to the world’s problems. Our small communities will never have to spend their precious time fundraising to end poverty because the community itself is the fundraising arm of all global projects.

Non-profit organizations can work together to make this part of the vision happen around the world. Our communities will build sister communities that they will support and nurture until they are fully functional and self-sustaining. In some parts of the world where war and starvation have depleted the population, this may take a generation or two.

Forming a network of co-ops within this small community and working closely with other well-established non-profit organizations, we will produce and disperse the items necessary to support health and well-being for each of our members. At this point, the members of the community will wholeheartedly work at no charge, because their needs will be provided at no charge, creating a closed loop system that has never been tried before.

Cooperative Duplication is the far-reaching goal for each arcology of well-being. This small community will aim to produce more than is required for its own abundant sustainability. Once the first portion is dispersed to meet the needs of the members of the arcology, the excess items will be exported to support the building of the next arcology in an impoverished area of the world.

Following the same design as the original human habitat, this sister community will soon become a manufacturing co-operative that will sustain itself and its members. The excess items that are manufactured in this sister community can then be sold or donated to support the local economy there or to perhaps build another self-sustaining human habitat nearby. In so doing, we who are described as the ‚Äúgrass roots‚ÄĚ are empowered to solve extreme poverty without waiting for top down solutions.


Members of the construction team who have completed building the first community can be sent to build the next community location. As always, they will continue to receive their compensation package and return to their original community whenever they desire. The members of the community know this and have joined the community for this reason. This exciting environment will be the perfect way to integrate soldiers into a close-knit society, utilizing their skills and desire to serve in the most positive direction possible. It will fully utilize the skills of those with disabilities and special needs. It will seek to develop each individual to the highest level of well-being.



Designing a Human Habitat

Join us for open dialog and creative synergy with the intention of mapping out together a human habitat designed for well-being.

We will help you to understand contributionism and the steps to get there.

We will share the elements of the community that will support each element of well-being.

It's up to you to piece the elements together in a way that feels like home.

When we design our communities for well-being, we will solve world hunger, pollution, corruption, war and every other practice that prevents global well-being.

--Tere Foster,




Structure Your Venture
Your Way

As we make the journey towards an economy that doesn't rely on money, there will be many ways to structure new joint ventures between conscious investors and conscious creators.  

We may use time banking, crypto currencies, digital currencies, barter and trade, and combinations and variations of each.  

The purpose of any kind of currency is to facilitate an exchange of energy between two parties.  The currency ensures that both parties feel that they have received what they deserved.  

In time, when everyone has plenty of everything, and people work together for the common good, these old school forms of exchange will quietly fade away.  

The new and budding economic model and social structure let's go of the question, "What's in it for me?" and replaces it with "What do you need?"  "What can I do to make your dreams become a reality?" 



Collaborative Living

Each community building project will look different because the members of the community are designing it.  However we offer some guidelines and suggestions to ensure that the community reaches the original goal to create well-being for every member of their new community.

We suggest that you include a center to support each of the elements of well-being.

A Contribution Center

A Self Care Center

An Empowerment Center

A Spirit Center

A Habitat Center

A Planning Center

A Distribution Center

Click on the buttons below to learn more.


How can cooperation support the development of a community of well-being?

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Contribution Center

Contribution is the beating heart of an arcology.

Co-creating a new socio-economic system inside an arcology.

"Sweat Equity"

As the community is designed and built, a specific number of people will be hired to work in the community to contribute the skills we all will need included in our compensation package such as medical and dental professionals, wellness and well-being specialists, legal and business services, educators and leaders will be recruited.  Each recruit invests their time, talents and skills to the community as "sweat equity" and in return becomes a shareholder in all of the community enterprises.  As a shareholder, each member will receive a monthly dividend in money.  They will earn much more than their hourly wage or salary would have been.

Financial Well-Being

Together we will design and build the greatest community model on planet earth with the most exciting compensation package every offered, simply because the design and ownership is placed back into the hands of the people who will live and work there.  Our vision is to provide the benefits below free of charge to everyone in the world by educating locals to create a contribution center.  These locals will provide the Compensation Package for their own communities.  This Compensation Package is freely given to all those who contribute to the Contribution Center.


Contribution Workshops allow you to explore and search for your own niche to establish what your home business might contribute to improve the well-being of others in your community.¬† We see the need for some businesses to have a local focus without feeling pressured to reach into the global marketplace.¬† This will provide that sense of social well-being that comes from serving real people in your neighborhood rather than a faceless ‚Äúdemographic.‚ÄĚ


What is the importance of contribution when reaching for financial well-being?

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Global Well-Being


Obstacles to Global Well-Being

  • Profiteering is respected instead of prosecuted
  • Those who can help, don't
  • Those who want to help, can't
  • Helplessness towards the plight of others is carefully taught to every new generation


We believe that having a sense of Global Well-Being can only be experienced by those who are engaged in improving the lives of others.  When you make plans, spend time and money, and put your own life on hold to meet the needs of people in a far away place, you will feel that sense of Global Well-Being.

We must be taught to pour our attention out and let it flow like water to the lowest and poorest places in the world.  We must offer our time, talents, skills and labor to global projects.  These projects will seek to eliminate poverty and illiteracy and establish well-being for all.



How does involvement in a global program like impact your sense of global well-being?

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