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Workshop 7: Heal Humanity

Become the Producer instead of the Consumer

The answer to the world’s problems as well as our own is to decentralize everything and take back control of everything we need for survival.  In so doing, we have plenty to share rather than staying in constant state of “treading water” to stay afloat. 

When we choose to develop an arcology economic system that produces far more than can be used by those who live in the arcology, we can begin to make plans to expand our sights to reach outside the community.  We can set community goals to build a duplicate arcology in an impoverished place in the world, we can export our abundance where it will do the most good.  Most of us would share our excess if we were in fact producing something we could share.  The most important transition is for each individual to "produce" something to share.

In today’s advanced world, how is it possible to for so many people starving to death when there are plenty of seeds to plant for survival?  The ground will always produce as long as we have seeds. We no longer have to wait for rain as our forefathers once did since we have the technology to drill wells or harvest water from the moisture in the air.  Owning seeds means that there is no such thing as food shortage.  Why can’t starving people be given seeds that will produce the food they need?

Owning such a large supply of foods in my own home storage caused me to imagine things I had never thought of before, like feeding the poor and needy. When I read about how such a small amount of rice can keep a starving child alive, then I realized that I could keep a number of people alive with my buckets of food. I stopped worrying if I might have too much food stored, more than my little family could ever eat. I became less concerned about storing “too much” food but instead began to figure out how and where I can store more, and how I could inspire you to do the same.  With all of the uncertainty and economic upheavals the world is experiencing at this time in history, many opportunities in the future will obviously arise to feed hungry people. This plan might save many lives; perhaps our own.  





Do you think you can become the produce instead of the consumer?

What might be an obstacle in your own life?

Please leave your comments below.


Arc 7 Develops Life Purpose

In an arcology of well-being we no longer have jobs that are defined by what we do, but why we do it and for what purpose.  When a teacher, for example, is asked what she does for a living she would answer, “I’m a teacher.”  However, in an arcology of well-being we are trained to see the work we do as our life purpose. We don’t define our jobs by the tasks we complete, but by the purpose for which we do it.  So ask one of our teachers what they do for a living and she will respond something like this: “I help people learn. I help them discover their strengths and help to develop them.  I help them find their purpose on the earth, a purpose that has the greatest impact on the greatest need for mankind.

What about jobs that are more down to earth such as a trash collector for the community.  He would describe his job like this: “I see to it that there is no waste in our community.  I make sure that everyone in the community respects our resources and uses them wisely by dividing their items into bins for recycling and biomass conversion.  I recycle and convert every little scrap into something that betters the community.  There is no such word as waste in our community.”

A third example of a job in the community might be the mayor.  How would she describe her job in an arcology of well-being? Perhaps she would say, “I see to it that each member of my community is experiencing well-being. I find talented people to create support systems for all 7 levels.  I help the members of the community form co-ops to meet basic needs and assist them as they manage these programs.  I make sure that every business is profitable and is bringing income into the community.  I make sure that the profits are dispersed to every member of the community, myself included, in equal portions through worker co-ops.”

Everyone that plans to live and work in an arcology of well-being must work with a Think Tank to create his or her Contribution Agreement.  Life Purpose Careers are completely different than "getting a job".  The primary difference is the final objective is well-being for the individual, the community and the world simultaneously. Education is the key to developing a life purpose that will bring ultimate Career Well-Being.  Find a career that utilizes your strengths and gives your life meaning. Acquire the education needed to develop your strengths. Teach your children to do the same.


What would you consider to be your current life purpose?

Would you choose the same career if you were to join a community of well-being?


Improve Self-Care

When health deteriorates we cannot provide for our loved ones. Providing for the family is a demanding process that requires health and vitality. If we die young our loved ones are left without support.  These are the legitimate motivating factors to keep our bodies healthy.  We have a responsibility to ourselves and each other to keep our health and energy levels the highest they can possibly be.  As we discussed before, personal well-being is made up of a connection of body, mind and spirit.

So we developed a plan to “improve self-care” that we call “3D Health.”  It is a three-pronged approach that includes exercise, diet and meditation.  We covered a whole foods diet in the previous section as it relates to objective 1: Stabilize Basic Needs.  In this section we will discuss whole foods in relation to objective 2: Improve Self-Care.

3D Health: Body, Mind and Spirit to Improve Self-Care Habits

1) Exercise – For exercise we have a 30 minute aerobic dance that we call REACH FOR WELL-BEING.  The lyrics of the workout music teaches the ENERGY SCALE.  After a workout, these elevating words and phrases will circulate in your mind throughout the day.

2) Diet – For diet we have a rotating menu of whole foods that we call FOOD for WELL-BEING. This program is taught in Cooking Workshops.  We gather together to cook our meals for the week.  Then at meal time all we have to do is heat it up, add fresh vegetables and serve.

3) Meditation – For meditation we have a program that teaches the ENERGY SCALE through guided meditation immediately following group exercise. The three programs together build “from the inside out” in body, mind and spirit.


Stabilize Basic Needs

We all have the need for SURVIVAL in common. Financial Well-Being is the “gateway element” on our way to higher levels of well-being.  “Survival” is placed on the middle of row of the ENERGY SCALE with everything that brings well-being listed above and everything that brings pain listed below.

If we plan to transition away from capitalism towards a gift economy, the first skill set we all must learn is to Stabilize Basic Needs. In the gift economy it takes an entire arcology to meet our needs on all seven levels. It doesn’t cost much money, but requires a lot of effort and heart-felt concern for others. In the current system we must “make money” in any way we can and concern for others and connection with our fellow man is not required.

The transition from capitalism to the gift economy starts by becoming “the producer” instead of “the consumer,” finding ways to “make money” in a new way now that will provide goods or services to contribute to a future arcology later. Most of us don’t create goods or provide services, but instead work at jobs that keep a gigantic corporate machine moving forward. To switch gears to a local focus will be very difficult for some of us who have no training or skills that would be valuable to an arcology.

For this reason, Step 5 is focused on gathering people together to teach valuable skills, practice working together, and train for positions within an arcology of well-being and a gift economy.  Food for Well-Being from is the system we use for this workshop.  It is easily expandable so that many families can work together if they all use the same system. The plan is written in the FOOD FOR WELL-BEING HANDBOOK.  There are many ways for a family to “Stabilize Basic Needs” using this system to produce their own food, store basic staples, and teach others to do the same.


Do you agree that production of basic needs of the arcology would best be accomplished by those who live in the arcology?

Please leave your comments below.


As we observe and evaluate today's society, these 7 gaps are our greatest concerns:


Print this worksheet:

Ask questions!

Intelligent questions will lead to Global Well-Being.  

We established 7 screening questions as a guideline to use for all our decision-making.  Before we get involved with any career plan, project or product or before we endorse any candidate, law or company, we ask these 7 questions to ensure that we are on the road that leads to well-being on all 7 levels.

They say “Hindsight is 2020.”  Well, we believe “Foresight is 20/20.”

As we approach the year 2020 we want to be able to claim that we are the generation of well-being.

Why is Global Well-Being Eluding Us?

Do you ever ask yourself what you might do if you were one of the 1% who have an endless supply of money? Would you set up the economic system and social structure that we have today? Please imagine with me another way to set up the game of life that would eliminate human suffering, promote world peace, and end world hunger.

First, to cause the least amount of disruption to the present economy and the greatest possible benefits around the world, we must creatively reorganize ourselves into small communities who together reap the abundant gifts from Mother Earth. As she freely gives, we would freely share these gifts with all those who contribute to the well-being of the community. In so doing, we can create the most advanced civilization on the face of the earth.  Then and only then will we have the well-being for all seven elements that we long.

Would you set up the economic system we have today if you owned the printing press that supplies the world with money?  Most humans in the global family would answer this question with a strong, “No!” without hesitation. How would you do things differently if you were in charge?

The Bible says “Without a vision the people perish.”  Could this mean that if we don’t have a clear idea about how things should be for our ultimate well-being we will be swept into a different plan that is not in our best interest? It all starts with tuning our hearts to a higher frequency and having a very clear vision for planet Earth.

We must ask the obvious question: Does today’s society lead to well-being?  Let’s observe the seven SECTORS of society and evaluate whether well-being is the intended outcome. These include:

  • the economy
  • the health care system
  • the education system
  • the moral training
  • the workforce
  • the environment
  • extreme poverty

We must evaluate each of the SECTORS of today’s society and decide if the system is leading us towards well-being for all.  We will do this evaluation, sector by sector, column by column, as we progress through this course.


Evaluate today's social structure and identify why well-being is eluding so many of us?

Please leave your comments below.