Cheap Healthy Meals Quick and Easy

Cheap Healthy MealsWe offer a series of seven projects to assist families towards a healthy diet.  Each project includes an eCookbook, a shopping list, a playlist of cooking videos, bulk foods to order and a live workshop.

In each of the eCookbooks you will find recipes for cheap healthy meals that are quick and easy. By making a few dry mixes we can kill many birds with one stone:

1) Cheap: Buying whole foods in bulk is much cheaper than buying foods that have been processed and made into meals for you.

2) Quick and Easy: All you have to do is add water to make healthy meals in minutes.

3) Healthy: Improve your family’s diet by choosing higher quality ingredients than a manufacturer would use.

Rather than try to include every dry mix recipe ever written I chose the most basic few to keep the shopping list short and the preparation tasks for cheap healthy meals that are quick and easy as possible. When I set up these basic mixes my kitchen was instantly revolutionized!  When you gather the ingredients on the shopping list included in each eCookbook, you will be able to make every meal in the cookbook.

Labels are included in Project 1 for you to print, trim, laminate and place on the side of your containers. You can keep your labeled containers in your pantry or set up a Baker’s Rack like we did because we had such limited space in our kitchen. Having dry mixes in containers that are labeled and organized somewhere near your kitchen sets you up for a successful heart-healthy lifestyle by helping you make cheap healthy meals that are quick and easy every day.


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