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  • Learn to make all your family’s favorite foods from scratch using whole foods:
    • hamburgers,
    • pizza,
    • tacos,
    • stir fry,
    • waffles,
    • pancakes,
    • crepes,
    • cookies,
    • candies and a lot more.


  • Make your own dry mixes that only require water for:
    • bread,
    • veggie burgers,
    • pasta,
    • tortillas,
    • pitas,
    • brownies,
    • cookies and
    • cakes


  • Learn to make delicious veggie meat that replaces:
    • hamburger patties,
    • chicken nuggets,
    • taco meat,
    • Italian sausage,
    • breakfast sausage,
    • meat loaf,
    • meat balls and more.

We Americans buy groceries that are gone before our next paycheck. Let’s spend that same money wisely and buy things that will last all year.

  • Buy a 25 lb bag of wheat for under $12 and make 24 loaves of bread. That’s less than 50 cents a loaf!
  • Buy a 25 lb bag of pinto beans for under $25 and you have 64 cups that will swell to 200 cups when they are cooked. That’s less than 12.5 cents for a one-cup serving! How much do you pay for a bean burrito at the store?
  • Buy a 25 lb bag of long grain rice for about $12 and it will swell when cooked to about 200 cups when cooked. That’s less about 12.5 cents for a one-cup serving! How much do you pay for stir fried rice at a restaurant?

Watch our demonstration videos and share them with friends.

  • If we all work together to become the producers instead of “the consumer” we can change the world!
  • If someone else supplies your food, you are dependent upon them for survival.
  • The only way to true self-governance is to have your own food supply.
  • In case of food shortages we all should have foods that can store for long periods of time.
  • If we store whole foods, grains, seeds and beans, we can plant them and create abundance for everyone.
  • You don’t have to be in the kitchen all day. Our methods are fast and efficient.

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