Closers Script

So I checked out your profile... (Find interesting things to ask about.)

(Build rapport 10 to 15 minutes to fully understand their offer.)


We are a nonprofit organization looking for online experts to collaborate with, and maybe do some integration marketing. We like to do interview swaps. We market to each other’s audience. And possibly down the road, build an event together based on our alignment. Does that sound like something you would be interested in?


We are also looking for guests to add value to our daily zoom calls called 7 Dimensions of Happiness. I can see how you could add a lot to uplift and support our members.


We have Two Comma Club winners as our team consultants. They are connected to some of the biggest names in the high ticket coaching industry, like Russell Brunson and Tony Robbins.

Would you be interested in discussing the details?


We are looking to create the perfect win-win situation with what would work best for you and us. To discuss the details, I would like to connect you with our event coordinator. I think you are amazing and have a ton of potential so it would be an honor for us to work out something with you.

What’s a good time for you?


So great to hear that you are open for this!
We have three levels of collaboration:

Level 1 – Interview swap.

We share audiences by doing a zoom call with two coaches together.

Level 2 – Webinar swap.

We do a webinar together to show the strengths and differences between our offers.

Level 3 – Joint offer.

We produce a product together.


There is no charge for collaborations. We look for successful entrepreneurs who have an audience of 250k or more. If you’re not there yet, we can help you get there! Our focus is on building an audience through collaboration.


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