Business Incubator

Group Income Generation

We think everyone should have an opportunity to work from home.

Working from Home Doesn't Have to Mean Working Alone

We of the conscious community plan to transition away from capitalism towards a more cooperative economy, but first we must survive in this present economy. By working together for the common good, we will make each other’s dreams come to pass. Rather than leaving each person to struggle alone, we will learn the process of “making money” in a whole new collaborative way.

The Common Good

Forming a Business Incubator and working together for the common good, you will work towards covering all of your living expenses just by being part of a powerful universal purpose.  And you will be able to help others do the same.  We must rescue each other from "survival mode." We must use our gifts and talents to lift financial burdens off of others at the same time that we take care of ourselves.  It won't be an easy paradigm shift, but working together is our only hope for the future survival of our species.  If the Conscious Community can't do it, then who can?  "The Gathering" of the Conscious Community can set their intention to pull everyone in the group up and out of “survival mode” and into cooperation, collaboration, community and prosperity.


  • Co-Create Abundance for All
  • Generate huge amounts of money to accomplish great things for the planet, your fellow group members, your family, and yourself.
  • Systematically get everyone in your group out of debt and into financial prosperity.
  • Amass great wealth to build an  Arcology of Highest Well-Being.
  • Set up the socio-economic governance system of an Arcology of Highest Well-Being long before it is built.

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