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Today's Support System Has Many Gaps

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Inventors and Innovators

  • We believe we have found some of the brightest youtube minds alive today.
  • We chose videos that would lay the foundation for well-being on all 7 levels.
  • We chose youtube videos that demonstrate the cutting edge thinking around the world.
  • Get ready to blow your minds.
  • Post comments below each video and get the discussion going!

Think Tanks

Get certified to prepare for participation in the most advanced mastermind planning group in the world, a think tank designing one solution that addresses seven of the top global concerns:

  • poverty
  • disease
  • illiteracy
  • inequality in the workplace
  • domination in the home
  • domination in the marketplace
  • destruction of the planet

Gathering the Conscious Community for Think Tanks

We call upon the Conscious Community to gather in unity to co-create one solution that will address seven of the top global "gaps" that allows for poverty, disease, illiteracy, inequality, abuse in the home, exploitation in the marketplace, and destruction of the planet by gathering the Conscious Community for advanced, highly evolved think tanks.

Einstein said we can't solve problems with the same level of thinking that created them.

For this reason, before we embark on finding solutions, our Think Tank Prep Course takes natural born leaders through a paradigm shift that will turn their gifts into powerful tools for global transformation.

This course is designed to develop in you a deep vibrational match with highest well-being, focused on world peace, a restored planet, and abundance for all. We seek to co-create environments of highest well-being by promoting innovative ways to fill the gaps in the mainstream economy, health care system, education system, environmental systems and governance system.

We work in cooperation with any persons or organizations that are a vibrational match with our stated goals. We put people and the planet first above ideologies, traditions, or religions.

We don’t need to overthrow the “powers that be.” We simply must look to ourselves to create our own safety net by working together for the common good. We must develop personal responsibility in caring for the earth and refuse to fight over the plentiful resources, but instead disperse them to our tribe freely as we acquire them. This can be done through advanced human habitats that are self-contained, self-sustaining, and self-governing. There is so much to do! We need you!

A Work Table

A Work Table

A Work Table

Unifying efforts will offer strength in numbers as well as crucial sharing of knowledge and resources.

Oneness is the only logical choice, especially for those who haven't yet found the perfect direction in which to focus their gifts.

Hub-Om growing into Arc 7 is a big enough vision to provide the table for conscious collaboration on a global scale.

It is the one plan that addresses all our need and fully utilizes all our gifts.

No one in the conscious community is left out!

What do you bring to the table?

What do you need help with?

A Scouting Process

A Scouting Process

A Scouting Process serves as a sorting process to identify strengths, find those who are truly interested in the vision, ready for leadership positions, or needing more teaching, training or development.

By participating in the discussion at the bottom of every page, you will become more aware of the overall vision, to see if it resonates with your own goals and life purpose or the goals of your organization.

You will have an opportunity to see where your gifts and talents best fit into the larger vision of Global Well-Being.

The ultimate goal of this sorting process is to create the freedom of a high-energy, productive collaboration between people with no limiting thoughts or beliefs.

How big can you dream?  What are your limits?  How can we help each other?

A Master Plan

A Master Plan

A Master Plan

Like an erector  set, we gather the pieces of Global Well-Being and arrange them on the table where we can see them all in one view.

As we collect more and more pieces with exciting shapes and sizes, each one adds new possibilities. is a very simple opportunity to bring individual pieces of the erector set together to create a functional and powerful system.

There are many effective organizations around the world, each with their special purpose. They are establishing their portion of the greater vision. They may or may not see the need to link to our vision.  They may function perfectly without linking in with others at all.  Yet we believe that oneness has many advantages.

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