The COMMUNITY Dimension
is Focused on Career Well-Being

COMMUNITY is focused on "Common Good Co-ops." Starting with a worker owned business incubator, the hub that began as a place to meet new people, will transform into a powerful income producing entity.  When enough people are producing fruit in the real world, such as co-owned businesses, manufacturing fabrication co-ops, a health co-op, a learning center, and spirit center, they can generate income as a group to create a socio-economic self-governance system that is the inner workings of a future arcology. When enough profits have been gathered, the building project can begin.


Learn and Earn Points:

Meetups and Projects for Career Well-Being:

Social Compassion

Social Compassion is a course that will teach you, remind you, inspire you, or help you to bring Highest Well-Being to those around you.  It will then show you how “toxic masculinity” or “alpha/beta relationships” are literally the opposite of highest well-being.  It is the obstruction of well-being.  In fact, the well-being of all humanity has been interrupted by the mindset of domination and control that characterizes the typical hierarchy.

To interrupt the cycle of domination and control, whether on a global scale or in your close personal relationships, an intervention may be required.  Perhaps this course is the intervention that is needed. Or at least it will open the door to a new path.  No one can force you to be more conscious of others.  Only you can decide if you will evolve or stay the same.  You are in complete control of your future. But it will take a dramatic commitment from each individual who gets involved in ARC7 to eliminate hierarchies and set up a system of equality instead.  There is no room in the leadership of ARC7 for the one who has been accused of being a "toxic male" because ARC7 is built for the express purpose of making changes that lead to world peace, a restored planet and abundance for all.  These goals cannot be accomplished through hierarchies and toxic male leadership.

Equality and Holacracy will shape the ARC7 organization objectives that are focused on income development, business development, life purpose development, and spiritual development all at the same time.

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ARC7 Think Tank

ARC7 Think Tank is a by invitation only membership organization for highly evolved thinkers who have a desire to plan, design, fundraise and build an ARC7 Arcology Housing Co-op.  We are especially looking for female participants to join this group.  We rely on the sensibility of divine feminine leadership.

Members of the think tank will spearhead the 7 centers and help to form legal entities for each.

Next, they will watch the YouTube videos we have collected about that dimension of the ARC7 plan.  Then do a current search online to make sure that we have everything that has been developed so far around the world.

Members of this group will find ways to communicate with the experts that are featured in the videos to enlist their assistance and support.  We will invite them to join the ARC7 think tank.

Finally, they will meet as a think tank to discuss the details of the ARC7 plan.  They will meet by way of conference calls and screen sharing to begin the think tank planning process.  They may choose to meet in person for think tank retreats for undisturbed focus on their goals.

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ARC7 Business Incubator

Business Incubator is a by invitation only membership that brings people together who want to build the collaborative group economy.  Together they will that will write the arcology business plan that will support the housing co-op.  The Business Incubator will gather everyone who wants to build an arcology housing co-op.  This group of economic innovators will generate income using the assets, talents, and resources of the co-op membership. A portion of the proceeds of every incubator project will be set aside to build ARC7 locations.  These group businesses will lay the foundation for the collaborative co-op economy that sustains the arc sustainably and indefinitely, from concept to completion to maintenance to repairs 100 years from now.

Artists, Innovators and Entrepreneurs: Launch your book. Host your big event. Market your innovative product. Start your company.  But don’t do it alone! Bring it to the Business Incubator. This is a co-creative business collaboration.  Can you imagine the benefits of a co-op business incubator! Can you imagine the amazing things the co-op could do with the profits?  Can you imagine, instead of a hierarchy absorbs all the profits at the top, there was a torus of financial energy flowing out and back in, out and back in? If we can imagine it, we can manifest it! This is how we will be able to plan, design and build an ARC7 Arcology Housing Co-op nearby and around the world.

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