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I am writing this message to the conscious cooking community and in most cases I know I will be preaching to the choir. Millions of conscious people are realizing that the way we cook affects far more than just our health or our budget, it affects the planet. If I consume and consume and consume whatever I find in my local grocery store without knowing how it got there and what damaging impact the process had on the planet then I am the very reason the damage continues. is providing this free ebook in hopes of inspiring the world to join in an educational program called Seven Steps to a Conscious Diet. It’s the same seven steps to a Heart Healthy Diet yet the end goal may have a larger perspective.

Every man, woman and child around the world has to eat. This is one common need that we have as human beings regardless of race, gender, religion or socio-economic status. Our hope is to assist a paradigm shift that creates a generation of conscious cooks who understand the impact their eating habits have on the planet and the entire human race. Our course of study begins with seven projects that convert your diet one food group at a time. Register now for the online course and receive the materials for each of the seven projects. They will come to you in the mail one at a time as you work your way through the simple yet profound steps to a conscious diet. Once registered, you will have unlimited access to email, text and phone support from Tere Foster who will encourage and assist with your transition to a conscious diet. Register at or call 435-817-0890. If you have any questions feel free to email us at

Most of us realize the tremendously damaging impact that agriculture is having on the earth with its chemical fertilizers and insecticides. We are painfully aware that the more people we intend to feed through global food supply chains the larger amount of land we must use for commercial agriculture. As the population continues to grow the need for food grows with it. More and more of the earth becomes polluted with substances that stay in the earth for decades polluting the ground water and the ecosystems.

The obvious answer is to stop using chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Everyone knows this, but chemical methods of agriculture are evidently more expensive than the organic methods. We all want organic vegetables but many of us truly cannot afford them. Only the rich can be healthy as prices for quality food continue to climb out of reach for most Americans.

The meat and dairy industry have convinced us that we must have meat and dairy every day for a “balanced” diet with enough protein. They didn’t bother to tell us that too much animal protein causes illness and disease in humans and that protein is in everything that grows from the earth, and that we can get plenty of protein by eating fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds with no side effects. On top of that, chemicals and hormones used by the commercial meat and dairy industry causes illness and disease in humans, making meat and dairy even less desirable for human health.

We have been reduced by manufactures to the category of “the consumer.” The more educated we became as a nation, we moved away from working with our hands and more with our heads. We have lost the knowledge of food production in a short 75 years. We created a life for ourselves that is far removed from the earth. We believe we have evolved to a higher lifestyle than our great, great grandparents who had to dig in the earth, milk the cows, chop the wood and cook from scratch. We are clean, indoors and comfortable, eating foods that someone else produced for us. We are no longer “producers”. We are consumers now, who have no choice but to consume what is provided by the manufacturer. We have no other food source.

The shelves of the grocery store are full of food no matter how much we buy. They are re-stocked and replenished before we wake up in the morning with products that the trucks brought from somewhere far away, produced from foods that were grown by someone else and manufactured into processed foods that are creating illness and disease. We, the consumers of the earth, have no other source of food. What would happen to your family if that supply chain was broken? Are we hopeful enough to believe that the supply chains are “too big to fail” as we once thought about the banks and large corporations?

Can a civilization continue to grow and consume more every year on a planet that remains the same size? The planet Earth will never grow. It provides a finite amount space with a finite amount of natural resources. Infinite growth on a finite planet isn’t sustainable. Future generations will be left with a planet that has been destroyed by consumerism while “the consumer” himself is largely unaware of the destruction that his consuming is having on the earth.

Mankind is knowingly and unknowingly destroying itself, and new choices must be made immediately if destruction is to be avoided. How do you convince the consumer who just had a big dinner and is comfortable in his EZ chair watching TV in his warm, carpeted living room, snacking on chips and sipping a diet coke …. that mankind is headed for certain destruction if he doesn’t change his ways? “What destruction?” he might ask. “Where is the danger? I see no danger.”

Every danger that we just enumerated above has delayed consequences. Illness and disease do not happen the moment we take a bite of processed food. Destruction of our planet does not happen the moment we take a product and put it into our shopping cart. How do we convince “the consumer” to stop consuming when the instant gratification of consumerism is so much more compelling than the threat of possible destruction that may or may not happen at a later date?

Each of us are dependent upon large manufacturers to supply our food, but the foods they supply are causing us illness and disease and the methods they use are polluting the resources of the earth for us and for future generations. Mankind is in danger.

Like a sinner who finally sees the light and chooses to change the error of his ways, there is a moment in time when we each must become aware of what we are participating in as a whole and choose a different path. That choice will lead to a transition that isn’t easy, but then change for the better never is. It’s always easier to remain “unconscious” and continue doing what the rest of the world is doing. When we make a choice to do something different, we suddenly find that the world is not going to help us along that path. The world will not be proud of our choices and applaud our new found awareness. In many cases those closest to us will do quite the opposite. We will be standing alone in the middle of a stream that is pushing against us as we try to make our way “upstream.” Where is the path that leads to utopia? Many of us would take that path if we only knew where it was. How can we define and identify the path to a utopian society that lives well, is healthy and full of vitality, who have found the secret that allows them to live long and prosper?

Transitioning from being “the consumer” to being “the producer” reduces the impact that agriculture is having on our planet one consumer at a time. When you produce your own food, you pull yourself out of the equation of the growing problem that manufacturers have gladly taken on by making enough food for everyone and relegating us to the role of “the consumer.” Transition begins with awareness of the problem and awareness of the solutions, then making the choice to be part of the solution instead of part of the problem.

Catch the vision of getting all you need from Mother Earth’s closed-loop system where every part of the life-cycle is well-planned and fully functional. You plant a seed. The seed converts earth, water and sunlight into food. It grows into a plant. You eat the plant. The plant feeds your cells all the wonderful energy it gathered from the earth, water and sunlight. The energy you gain from eating the plant gives you the strength to dig, plant, weed, prune, harvest and till. The energy you gain from digging and toiling in the fresh air and sunlight brings you even greater health and well-being. Contact with the earth through gardening grounds and heals your body even more. The waste you produce replenishes the earth. Your plants feed the animals you raise and the animals provide products in exchange for your daily care. The plentiful foods that you produce provide valuable items to trade for other things you need. The community benefits from your hard work and you benefit from the hard work of others in an equal exchange of energy. When your plants go to seed they provide the next harvest for FREE. It started with a single seed for the first planting and the subsequent planting and harvesting year after year goes forward like a perpetual motion food machine. There is little or nothing to purchase and yet the harvest provides more than enough seed to continually expand if you wanted to. It is the perfect plan of prosperity that our ancestors have followed for thousands of years. You can give those extra seeds that you don’t use to a friend and start them on a path to prosperity.

When one large food supply chain slowly began its take-over of the job of producing our food about 75 years ago, Mother Nature’s Closed-Loop System instantly became dysfunctional. We now have processed foods to replace the organically grown foods intended to feed our cells. Illness and disease soon followed. We no longer need fertilizer for our plants so the waste we produce has to be “dealt with” another way, creating the need for waste treatment plants, another serious source of chemical pollution. While millions are without water around the world, we use our potable water as a convenient way to dispose of human waste. We no longer have free organically grown plants to harvest from our own land or animal products to collect from our own labor as a perpetual motion source of prosperity. We now have to pay money for the food that once was harvested freely. To pay for the food we need a “j-o-b.” Instead of living off the land as our ancestors have always done we have to pay rent to live on planet earth. There is nowhere to go that doesn’t require this new resource called “money.”

Life got easier, but living got harder. We no longer have the contact with the earth, fresh air and sunlight that promotes human health and well-being, giving rise to the need for more and more medical treatments. We no longer get exercise digging, weeding, pruning, harvesting and tilling, so our health suffers, which gave rise to the fitness industry that “manufactures” exercise yet doesn’t produce anything. The same number of calories may be burned on a treadmill, but the satisfaction in the soul cannot be replicated. Instead we walk around with this reported sense of disconnection and dissatisfaction. The manufacturers offer an endless variety of items that promise to fill that dissatisfaction, creating a generation of materialistic collectors of stuff, but it doesn’t work. A growing number of people are still going to the physician with symptoms of low energy, depression and anxiety. The pharmaceutical industry rose to this new challenge devising a pill for anything and everything that ails you, but people are still unable to cope. Divorce is the norm and the majority of children in America are being raised in a single-parent home. The family that once was the building block of society has been divided and scattered.

If it is true that each step we took towards becoming “the consumer” created a downward spiral in the health and well-being of mankind, does that mean that each step we take towards becoming “the producer” will create an upward ascension? Can we grow our own food on our own little patch of ground, have chickens that supply our eggs, jointly own a milk cow with several neighbors to supply our milk and cheese products, and buy grains and beans from local organic farmers to make our own bread? Yes, we can! Can we experience restoration of the power to provide for ourselves from the abundance of Mother Earth? Yes, we can! Can we reclaim our mental, emotional and spiritual health without the assistance of drugs? Yes, we can!

We can embark on our quest to become producers one by one, but it would be more effective to work together. I have established a website to support anyone who has a desire to make this transition. Work together. Write to each other. Swap ideas and recipes. You can make a difference. Take the steps one at a time as a group.

The seven steps to a conscious diet will help to eliminate dependence upon the global food supply chains one food group at a time. This diet involves more than just changing what we eat, but it where we get the foods we eat. It involves a global consciousness and concern about the health and well-being of others around the globe, of others in future generations and of the earth itself. This plan doesn’t ask us to focus on our own health alone but the health and well-being of mankind as a whole. If we could eliminate the need for money to buy food and empower every family around the globe to do the same we could eradicate poverty and inequality and become a generation of “producers” instead of a generation of “consumers” and eliminate the need for the commercial agriculture that is destroying the earth.

You will see why our slogan is “Sustainability begins at home.” If each and every household in a small local community followed this conscious cooking plan, dependence upon the global food supply chains would become a problem of the past. We can create a society that is self-sustaining with-out the need for money to buy food.

Each of the seven steps helps you to eat better to prevent illness, disease and obesity and to raise your energy level. Simple dietary replacements and substitutions may be all it takes to elevate your energy and renew your health. Weight loss may also be a by-product of a change in diet and the additional calorie burning that happens in the garden as you dig, toil, sweat, breathe deeply and soak up the energy rays of the sun.

The budget that once supplied food for one month is extended to a full year or more.
Each of the seven steps will involve buying a few food items in bulk, eliminating a portion of your monthly food bill.

This plan is more than a healthy diet or a collection of recipes, it is a planning system that takes the stress off of your daily need to come up with ideas for three meals a day. Each of the seven steps involves short-cuts to planning, price comparisons, shopping and meal preparation by making a collection of healthy quick mixes that only require water. By processing your own food you know exactly what quality of ingredients were used. You are able to choose non-GMO, organically grown whole foods and choose natural sweeteners and flavorings that do not include chemicals, preservatives or excite-toxins like MSG or aspartame. You can feed your animals by hand and know exactly what they have eaten every day of their lives. These are the advantages of being “the producer” rather than “the consumer.”

When you complete the seven steps to a conscious diet you will gain peace of mind in relation to the possibilities of long-term emergencies and natural disasters because you will have stored enough food to feed large groups of hungry people in such an emergency. You will have the whole grains, beans, nuts and seeds that can be planted to replenish the earth in a true global holocaust. We hope this will never be necessary, but preparedness is one of the many benefits of this conscious diet plan.

This plan not only improves your health and your finances, but improves the lives of others as well. Each step you take towards a conscious diet creates a compelling future for yourself and others. The energy that flows into your body when you choose to care about mankind as a whole will bring health and healing to your body, mind and spirit. You will find yourself reaching for a higher version of the person you are watch yourself become the person you were born to be. We have been indoctrinated to believe that we can’t solve world hunger and that anything we try to do would be a drop in the bucket. However, the fact still remains that making a plan is well within our power to do. And making a plan is enough to set a utopian society into motion. We are co-creators of everything that takes place on planet earth. Our planning and aligning our intention with other conscious cooks around the world will unitedly and excitedly co-create a conscious world view. The hope that results from participating in a conscious cooking plan is enough to change the world for good.

My definition of utopia is a society that loves one another and sees to it that there are no poor among them. Is it possible that anyone truly believes that if an uneducated person can’t figure out how to make money in this new dog-eat-dog economic system, he and his family have no right to eat? Can it be true that we have accepted the propaganda that people who enjoyed the privilege of an education deserve more and those who had less opportunity deserve to watch in envy and lack? Do we really enjoy living in a society that teaches its children to “get ahead” by “crushing the competition”?

Can we support a food supply system that only gives food to those who have money? Can we really give our allegiance to a food supply system that leaves the poor of the world to starve? If we co-create a moneyless society that trades and gifts whatever excess they have for the greatest global good, our utopian ideals will wash away the socio-economic caste system and replaces it with “peace on earth, good will towards men.” We know in our hearts that a better world is within our reach, we just have to reach for it. The first step is to make sure that every man, woman and child has access to the bountiful harvest that comes directly from Mother Nature. Through education and cutting edge technology, we can see to it that every inhabitant of earth has plenty of wholesome foods to eat through their own labor. Gandhi once said, “There is enough for every man’s need, but not for every man’s greed.” Mother Nature provides abundance for all without partiality. We simply must see to it that a small amount a land is available to each person along with a handful of a variety of life-sustaining seeds. Those who withhold, control and dominate the use of land must relinquish control and allow the miraculous plan of nature to be restored to the earth.

Each individual has a role to play depending on their knowledge and skills, their privilege and position and their passion and life purpose. If you already know how to do the skills taught in the seven steps to a utopian diet, you can be certified to teach others in your local area. If you are passionate about the plan, but have not yet acquired the skills to produce your own food, you can take the course and become part of the solution and eliminate yourself from being part of the problem. If you have the resources to buy the food needed to eliminate your food bill for a year, you can jump right in a do so. If you are unemployed and already in a difficult financial situation, you can earn the food items you desire by working with us to educate, motivate and inspire this paradigm shift or offer your services to help the organic farmers produce the items we need in exchange for food and lodging. If you are a farmer that produces organically grown foods you can utilize the volunteer labor of the unemployed to bring your production costs down in order to make your foods available to all. If you are very wealthy and see the value of the seven steps to a utopian diet, you may choose to buy large amounts of land in various places around the world and allow it to be used to create prosperity for those who are without financial resources or access to land and water.

Each of us has a role to play and with careful planning and organization we can combine our jobs, our careers, our gifts and our purpose into one opportunity to serve humanity.

To speak to us about your individual life purpose visit or call 435-817-0890.

Our course of study begins with seven projects that convert your diet one food group at a time. Register now for the online course and receive the materials for each of the seven projects. They will come to you in the mail one at a time as you work your way through the simple yet profound steps to a utopian diet. Once registered, you will have unlimited access to email, text and phone support from Tere Foster who will encourage and assist with your transition to a utopian diet. Register at or call 435-817-0890. If you have any questions feel free to email us at

Our course goals include:

-Transitioning from junk food to whole foods.

-Organizing – Get your kitchen ready to produce meals from whole foods.

-Cooking with Plant Protein – Our gluten free recipe for Mega-Meat will change your life!

-Baking with Sprouted Multi-Grain Flour – Waffles, pancakes, cookies, crepes, muffins, bread, pitas, pizza crust, sub sandwich buns, hamburger buns, focaccia bread, and the list goes on!

-Juicing in the Raw –  Fill your cells with raw goodness.

-Reaching for SustainabilityBecome “the Producer” instead of “the consumer.”

Storing Whole Foods – Be prepared for anything.

-Body, Mind and Spirit – Deepen your relationship with Mother Nature through whole foods that spring from the ground. 

-Gathering Conscious Community – Gather with like-minded people who care about the planet.

-Food is Medicine – Live a prevention life-style.

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