Conscious Leadership

Have you ever thought there should be a required course in human decency that you have to pass before you are allowed to get married, have children or be placed in a position of leadership?

Most of us have thought about this once or twice as we run into people who were so poorly trained that it caused a ripple effect around them of sorrow and suffering -- or at least disharmony.

How can we become a peaceful global society? Or beyond that a utopian society where everyone has what they need and no one is treated with inequity? Unless we begin to join together to map out what path we would have to take to get there.

Each individual must evaluate for themselves what the "ideal" society looks like and then find that path that leads there.

We help you find your own personal ideals and help you find that path that leads there!

You Are Sending Ripples

Nothing you do goes unnoticed by the universal law of attraction. Like sending a boomerang into the air, it will always come back to you exactly how you sent it out.


Conscious Living

Like the butterflies send ripples on the water, the energy of the universe is impacted by your emotions. You can't see the ripple as clearly as you do with the physical earth, yet the unseen energy of your emotions causes ripples, waves or even tsunamis in the universe. When you are looking for the ripple effects of your own emotions and learning to control them you are learning the essence of "Conscious Living". When you are "conscious" of the impact you have on the universe, the world, your own life and the lives of everyone around you, you are and careful to send only ripples of charity, kindness and gratitude, you are practicing "Conscious Living".

Workshops may include:

  • Digital Worksheets
  • Healthy Recipes
  • Life-Changing Videos
  • Original Music
  • Collaboration Materials
  • LIfe Coaching as needed
Your life coach will email you the workshop materials, give you assignments and encourage you towards the completion of your goals.
Seven Pillars of Utopia

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