Contribution Center

Contribution is the beating heart of an arcology.

Co-creating a new socio-economic system inside an arcology.

"Sweat Equity"

As the community is designed and built, a specific number of people will be hired to work in the community to contribute the skills we all will need included in our compensation package such as medical and dental professionals, wellness and well-being specialists, legal and business services, educators and leaders will be recruited.  Each recruit invests their time, talents and skills to the community as "sweat equity" and in return becomes a shareholder in all of the community enterprises.  As a shareholder, each member will receive a monthly dividend in money.  They will earn much more than their hourly wage or salary would have been.

Financial Well-Being

Together we will design and build the greatest community model on planet earth with the most exciting compensation package every offered, simply because the design and ownership is placed back into the hands of the people who will live and work there.  Our vision is to provide the benefits below free of charge to everyone in the world by educating locals to create a contribution center.  These locals will provide the Compensation Package for their own communities.  This Compensation Package is freely given to all those who contribute to the Contribution Center.


Contribution Workshops allow you to explore and search for your own niche to establish what your home business might contribute to improve the well-being of others in your community.¬† We see the need for some businesses to have a local focus without feeling pressured to reach into the global marketplace.¬† This will provide that sense of social well-being that comes from serving real people in your neighborhood rather than a faceless ‚Äúdemographic.‚ÄĚ


What is the importance of contribution when reaching for financial well-being?

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