Cooking Meals in Jars

Meals in Jars – It’s easy, cheap and healthy!


Cooking Meals in Jars

Cooking meals in jars is our favorite method for our Meals For the Week because it’s easy, cheap and healthy!  No pots and pans to wash. No need for high-calorie oils to keep it from sticking to the bottom of the pan. No harmful additives, preservatives, excessive salt or high-fructose corn syrup. Just whole foods that spring from the earth!

Once the meals in jars are cooked and cooled they have a seal and can store in the refrigerator for several weeks. Simply heat, garnish and serve any time, lunch, dinner or midnight snack!

When you use our Personal Chef services, these meals in jars are delivered each week fully cooked and ready to heat and serve.


All of the healthy meals for the week that are included in My Whole Foods Kitchen eCookbooks center around whole foods that spring from the ground and these are the very foods that store for long periods of time as well; rice, beans, whole grains, nuts and seeds, herbs, spices and seasonings. We might not be able to store everything we see at the grocery store, but we can collect these versatile whole foods that can be combined to make endless healthy meals for the week. If a true emergency happened and we were forced to eat solely from the foods we have stored in our homes or growing in our gardens we want our menu to be as interesting as possible, nutritious as possible, in the smallest amount of space for the least amount of money to ensure that life would be sustainable for any length of time required.

We start with simple breakfast meals that rotate through the days of the week. Monday Muffins, Tuesday Toast, Wednesday Waffles, Thursday Thin Crepes, Friday Fried Eggs, Saturday Smoothies and Sunday Cereal. To make breakfast fast and efficient I mixed up a collection of dry mixes. I organized them in our Baker’s Rack with the recipe on the side of the container to make whipping up these hearty breakfast meals very easy. Even a child can do it. The recipe labels are included when you buy all seven eCookbooks as a set.

The Dinner Menu has the same concept of rotating healthy meals for the week. Each begin with the letters of the days of the week; Monday Mexican, Tandoori Tuesday, Western Wednesday, Thai Thursday, Friday Fun, Seafood Saturday and Sunday Single-dish (Sunday Soup and Salad, Sunday Sandwich). When you know what you will be serving each day, you can plan ahead healthy meals for the week, the month, even the year.

The choices in this cookbook meet specific objectives:

1) Familiar: all meals are well-loved American favorites with ethnic influences.

2) Healthy: all meals are made from whole food ingredients.

3) Fresh: we utilize fresh, organic vegetables and fruits for every meal.

4) Whole: we incorporate whole grains, nuts and seeds for every meal.

5) Convenient: we make mixes ahead that require water only.

6) Store well: all ingredients must store for long periods of time in the smallest space possible.

7) Inexpensive: buying bulk foods is cheaper than buying prepared foods.

Using the list of foods in the Rack and Bin System, I am be able to make all of the recipes in My Whole Foods Kitchen Cookbook and many more of my family favorites without having to go grocery shopping at all. All of the ingredients are already stocked in my own little “store.”

I have cooked these meals so often that I can do them in my sleep. I can teach my children and spouse to cook very familiar meals and they will have a chance to perfect each dish because it repeats every week. The stress level is reduced for meal time as well as for grocery shopping.


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