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When you complete this course You will know how to reshape relationships to bring equality to everyone involved. You will gain the badge of “PEACEMAKER.”

Reshape Your Relationships

Enroll in our online relationship training to become sensitive to the needs of others while also learning about your own needs. Bring equality to all of your relationships. All are welcome!

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  1. All topics covered here are interesting for sure.

    I got some questions. Why can’t we members of the arc7 question about the domain of others in the manner that isn’t harmful to them but corrective? In case their domain is not leading us to highest well being ? I agree upon self management but when someone has failed to self manage, shall we set him/ her free? In that manner, can’t a shared domain get negatively affected?

    Thank you

    1. I think you are struggling with the same question we all ask. Should we overlook when someone fails to manage themselves in a positive way? Should we try to teach them or should we let them go? Should we keep the relationship no matter the consequences it has on our well-being? These questions can only be answered by each individual. How long do you keep trying? That’s up to you, my friend.

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