Compassion Training

Heal Toxic Relationships

Have you ever noticed that there are no parenting classes required in life until a family has already split up? And there are no marriage classes to prepare you for a long-term marriage until you are ready to get a divorce.

ARC7 offers courses that will bring awareness about the amazing responsibility it is to start a family. It is our goal to assist young people in their efforts to prepare for marriage by overcoming their family trauma before they repeat the patterns that damaged their own lives so profoundly.


When you complete this course you will gain the badge “HEALER.” That means you intend to heal broken hearts including your own and those you love.

Build Good Relationships

Compassion Training is the concept that in every moment we are making choices, both consciously and unconsciously.  While it appears to be different choices in a variety of circumstances, in reality it is always just one choice, again and again.  Join us to learn what the one choice is and how this knowledge will impact your relationships.

Toxic Masculinity

Have you been accused of being “toxic” and don’t understand why people see you that way? Come learn how to make small changes to your mindset to maintain good relationships and improve your life in every way.

Everyone Can Benefit From Compassion Training

Those who enroll will gain awareness and appreciation of the extreme impact good relationships or toxic relationships have on our lives, our health, and our wellbeing. Nothing matters more when it comes to happiness, that knowing how to build good relationships.

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Course Includes

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      1. Healing relationship is very crucial in our lives as it helps to eradicate the toxic behaviours that can bring about devorces and it teaches to give love with no string attached.
        Thank you very much!

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