Mentor a Team

Become a Mentor

When you complete this course you will gain the badge of “MENTOR.” This means that you will be prepared to guide our members through Compassion Training and help them develop compassion for themselves and others.

Each person who enrolls in ARC7 Compassion Training will be assigned an ARC7 Compassion Coach. This person will talk to you every day by text, whatsapp, facebook, linkedin, and on your ARC7 profile. If you haven’t been assigned anyone yet, please contact us to request one.

The intention this project is for each member of ARC7 to feel connected. We all need love and attention! Feeling connected is a crucial part of our emotional and social well-being. Please don’t struggle for survival alone! Let your guide know what you are going through. They are here to help.

Changing the World Together

Normally one-to-one life coaching is reserved for the wealthy.

Imagine if everyone had access to powerful support, rich or poor! Single mothers, the unemployed, and others with financial limitations will have access to life-transforming individualized attention, encouragement, and learning. This training will help them become financially stable and emotionally resilient. Then we teach them how to coach and support others in the same way.

As an ARC7 Guide you can be there to provide motivation, encouragement, and accountability. You can help your clients stay on track with the goals they set. 

Why? Because that’s what will make the world a better place at an accelerated rate!

Compassion is one thing we do better as we get older after we have experienced a wide variety of challenges. For this reason, we welcome seniors as well as people with disabilities, minorities, and other marginalized groups, to become ARC7 Compassion Connection Guides. Through our Compassion Training, we intend to change the lives of both the new student and the guide, through fair hiring and low pricing. We both need to experience both sides of this personal attention daily, as the giver and as the receiver, for highest well-being.

Monthly Fee

A small monthly fee will keep your profile in our pool of ARC7 Guides. When a new student enrolls in our training, they will see you in our list of Guides. This fee also gives you access to all the new Guides who have completed the training. You will have access to the best coaches on the planet when you need personal attention during life ups and downs. And finally, the fee helps keep providing this Compassion Training and Coaching at no charge for those with financial limitations.

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